Interrail - no set route

Geisskane @ 07-12-2007 11:38

I'm 8 weeks away from a 4 month adventure in Europe and am contemplating getting an interrail ticket. I'm concerned about the lack of information on it though. I have no set route other than a list of countries I'm going to, and this makes working out if I have to pay extra on trains difficult. The following link is a rail map of Europe. There are different coloured train lines, as you can see. Is there a rough guide as to what colours I should avoid or is it not as simple as that? I'm under the impression that if I avoid purple I basically avoid extra charges.

The countries I'm going to are France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy and possibly Spain and Portugal.

Thanks for your help.

Pete @ 07-12-2007 12:38

Hi Geisskanne ... 🙂 Please do no link to this map. if you need information about it, ask directly on their website !! *thank you* 🙂 (I hope you understand it, as I do not answer questions for their clients - when they can not clarify it on their own)to help you, use this website: play with the option products / whole journey ... avoid HST (high speed trains) ... you will find then a lot of connections without supplements.also have a look on - trains are listed there for which you have to pay supplements.have a lot of fun on your mega-european-rail-tour !! 🙂 Peter

admin @ 07-12-2007 12:44

not on about the map, but i'd say getting an interrail ticket would be a good idea for the majority of those countries. for the old yugoslavia it wouldnt be worth it, but definitely the western countries. i'm doing similair next summer, and will definitely get at least one interrail ticket.

and good work on going to slovenia, as it's the most beautiful place.

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