Interrail: Munich - Neuschwanstein

superstar @ 05-01-2009 13:26

I'm a new first time traveller, so need some help. I'm 24, so a youth ticket applies for me. The plan is to go to Amsterdam and Germany for 9 days. Below is my plan:

Day1- Fly to Amsterdam
Day 2 - Amsterdam
Day 3 - Enkhuizen (1hr train journey from Amsterdam) +/- Haarlem/Deift
Day 4- Amsterdam to cologne
Day 5 - Cologne to Munich
Day 6 - Travel to Berchtesgarten (3hrs from Munich)
Day 7 - Neuschwanstern-(1 hr from Munich)
Day 8- Munich or somewhere close
Day 9 - Train to Frankfurt
Day 10- fly back

So, as you can see, I am using fair bit of trains. I am not sure what type of tickets should i get or would it be better to get them individually at the counter? Can someone advice me on this urgently, thank you. :P

superstar @ 05-01-2009 13:30

Peter seems to be excellent replier here, so any help from peter would be great as well as other viewers. 🤣

superstar @ 05-01-2009 13:33

Also, what do you think of the plan? Any other better ways to do it or anywhere else that i should definitely not miss out in Amsterdam and Germany?

Pete @ 05-01-2009 15:00

For this route single tickets might be cheaper.
Especially if you travel plans are fix. then you can buy your tickets in advance. there are special train tickets available in Germany, but they are limited... buy them at least three days in advance and you can get long distance trains for 29 EUR one-way... sometimes even for 19 EUR (Special-Spar-Preis)... have a look on the website where you just fill in your data for the connection you need (date, time, route, ...).
if you are doing one-day travels in Bavaria, either buy a normal train ticket or have a look on a Länderticket Bayern which you can also find at
it is valid for one day of travel within Bavaria for 18 or 19 EUR. you can only use then the regional trains... but it is okay.

👉 more information:

I hope this will help you a little bit.
Peter 🙂

superstar @ 06-01-2009 10:03

Thanks Peter! 🤣

I am a little confused with the country of residence. I am from Malaysia but have lived in the United Kingdom for the last 3.5 years. I am planning to trvael to Amsterdam and Germany as you know, advice?

Also, I assume you are saying that the total prices for tickets would be cheaper to get them individually rather than interrail pass (~150 pounds)?

Thanks a lot!


Pete @ 06-01-2009 14:49

so you can travel on an UK InterRail pass... you simply need a visa or some official information stamped in your passport. 🙂

and for the price... you have to calculate it by your own... via the railway websites I told you ... because sometimes you get such super discounted ticket, sometimes not.
if you do not get such special fare tickets, InterRail is definitely cheaper.

single tickets are only cheaper if you book them early (special prices) and if you like to be fixed on a date. with InterRail you are much more flexible... just jump into a train whenever you want !! 🙂

bigliettiperfavore @ 07-01-2009 14:00

Hey, it might be knackering to stay one night all the time, perhaps you should stay 2 nights in another place in addition to Amsterdam.

superstar @ 08-02-2009 14:35

Im looking for a night train from Cologne to Munich on 13th Feb. I can only find 109 Euros, can you find the 29 Euros or other cheapers one, thanks!

Pete @ 08-02-2009 14:50

use a CNL (CityNightLine Train)... a seat is 10 EUR, a bed 20 EUR ... for more details:
you can either call them to buy the ticket or also buy the reservation before in Amsterdam. 🙂

superstar @ 09-02-2009 11:24

Thanks Peter!

I dont think ill buy a IR pass, so how much would it be?

Pete @ 09-02-2009 13:57

visit their website... there you can book a ticket and you will find the normal fares for non-InterRail travelers.

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