Interrail - Manchester - Bergen - Oslo - Stockholm

Dynx @ 08-01-2009 02:45

Hey there, I am interested in going on this, in the summer, and just am in the planning stages at the moment, I am 18 and of course the Youth Ticket would apply, also I am going to buy a 1 Month continuous pass. And basically just wondering if this route is acctually possible and also if anyone has got any suggestions on which would be a good alternative route or places I should definately stop at. Also to add I am from Manchester, United Kingdom, and Also I can adjust the amount of days I can stay of course, this was just an Idea and Brainstorm.

Thanks in advance, heres the route I have in mind

Single Ticket (Fly) to Bergen
Bergen (Also Guessing Just in Hordaland With Friends) - 3 - 4 Days
Oslo for 1 - 2 Days
Stockholm - 2 Days
Copenhagen - 2 Days
Berlin - 2 Days
Prague - 2 Days
Bratislava - 2 Days
Budapest - 2 Days
Vienna - 2 Days
Zurich - 2 Days
Luxembourg - 2 Days
Fly Home

Also just for a reminder this is very much changeable and Just an idea, I am very open to suggestions.

Dynx @ 08-01-2009 02:47

I forgot to mention, If someone has any ideas of how I can possibly fit Belgium + Holland in or just one, by removing a place or something, please go ahead and suggest it 🙂

Pete @ 08-01-2009 09:05

Two information from me...

1) in Sweden try to have a ride on the Inlandsbanan:

2) from Sweden/Denmark (Malmö/Copenhagen) to Berlin use this cheap night train:


Dynx @ 10-02-2009 13:19

Thanks for the info Peter keep you the good work :P

Dynx @ 12-04-2009 04:19

Hey there decided to opt for a shorter trip kinda, and of course cheaper ticket probably the 10 Days in 22 Days pass, any recomendations on the route I could take, from Oslo heading anywhere really, which would fit into the time frame of that pass :P thanks so much in advance

waldy @ 14-04-2009 20:27

I think it sounds good 😉 so what do you think, travel through all of Denmark or just halfway? :P :P france would also be a good spot so visit. I recomend Switzerland, even though I haven't been there, great for train, right? :P

Pete @ 14-04-2009 20:45

yes Switzerland is really nice... just to sit in the train and watch the mountains outside... 🙂

Graham @ 20-04-2009 11:23

Why not go from Manchester to Bergen by rail, stopping off on the way at Brussels, cologne, copenhagen and oslo, then spend time with your friends in Bergen at the end. You will then have to fly back to Gatwick or maybe Stansted, or you could go up to Bodo in Norway on the Train, then bus to Narvik and train to stockholm in sweden and where ever you wanted to after that

Dynx @ 23-04-2009 15:56

Thanks for the idea graham well thing is planning on meeting Waldy up in oslo and then going on the trip together 🙂 so basically want to work the way down from there if you get me?

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