Interrail: Lisbon to Sweden

elmariachi @ 01-09-2008 23:12

Hey there!
I'm planning on going to Sweden with some friends next summer (1 whole year for planning)
we are all 18 and we never did interrail.
we're going to buy a 22 continuous ticket.

Our route, until now is this:
Lisbon(start)->Paris->Brussels->Amsterdam->Berlin->Malmö->more sweden
Inside these countries, do you have any other suggestions?
I already have some questions:

-we're taking the Sud-express to Paris: is the TGV-Atlantique included in the interrail ticket?
-is there an alternative way to get from Paris to Brussels, besides the expensive eurostar?
-is an Hostelling International membership worth it?
-do you think we can do this with 2500€? :P hehe

thanks for your time so far 🤣

Pete @ 02-09-2008 18:55

hej hej ...
here is the information I can give you .... 🙂

for the route Berlin to Malmö use this cheap night train:

in Sweden, travel by the Inlandsbanan... it is really GREAT!!! for more information: 🙂

and now to you other questions....
just the link to the SUD-Express:

1) TGV: you have to pay a supplement of 3 to 15 EUR. better to make the reservation some days before you use the TGV as in the summer months it is often full booked. you can do it online via (city to city connections - reservation only) or at a big station in Portugal.

2) you can use the THALYS trains, which are high speed trains as well. you have to pay a supplement of 13 EUR. for more information:
don't use free regional trains on this route, as you will loose nearly a full day...

3) I am without this membership as in the big cities, there are more free hostels than some of hosteling international. have a look on

4) 2500 EUR is really nice ... I would say (depending if you want to sleep in single rooms in hostels or dorm rooms) you need about 30 EUR per day if you want to have a comfortable way of travelling ... so 22 x 30 EUR = 660 EUR ... plus some extra beers ... lets say: 800 EUR in total... plus the ticket ... so you will be under 1500 EUR for your tour !! 🙂

have fun and all the best, Peter 🙂

elmariachi @ 02-09-2008 20:15

Tack peter!😎
well we're not very picky about hostels, we just want a place to sleep, we can even sleep on the floor we don't really care (a shower once in a while would be cool though haha) but the hostels I saw until now ar all 20€+ per night isn't that expensive for that 30€ per day prevision? also you said free hostels you mean free as in vacant or free as in free beer?

1500€ + some museum entries yeah sounds really good to me :P thanks
(Museums in Paris are free on sundays right?)

elmariachi @ 02-09-2008 22:40

oh btw: those THALYS trains. it's 13€ for a one way trip or for all the journeys I want within the 22 days?

elmariachi @ 02-09-2008 22:55

I keep forgetting things...
two other ideas popped in my mind:
how expensive is it to rent a bike for a day? like 10€?
and is it safe to camp in sweden? it seems like a really good way to save money when we're there, since it's the country where we'll spend the most time. Paris is for the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower (and maybe some other museum) Amsterdam is for... well everyone knows what people do in Amsterdam haha, Brussels is for a beer with a friend, Berlin is for the berlin express, and then Sweden the natural beauty, the girls, the cozy towns, the girls, the nature, the... 😡

There's still a year to go and I'm already excited xD

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