Interrail: leaving from country of residence by night train

Joos @ 17-06-2008 18:42

There is one think thats not completely clear to me. I read you cannot travel for free in your country of residence with a global pass, but can I use my global pass to book a night train thats leaving from my country (Netherlands)?

And do you maybe know what the discount is for travelling in the Netherlands with a global pass?

Thank you very much.

Pete @ 17-06-2008 19:07

Hi Joos.
Yes you can book a night train leaving from the Netherlands. I think you are talking about the CNL:

There are two ways:

1) you pay from the city you start to the border station a ticket with a 50% discount - but this is often not possible as these night trains have global prices. so often you have to pay the full price.

2) you forget about the discount of 50% for the Netherlands as your country of residence and book a special offer of the night train. have a look on their website. you sometimes can catch tickets for 29-39 EUR... an InterRail discounted ticket is between 10 and 30 EUR ... so no big difference.

okay but I think it is clear: in the Netherlands you get a 50% discount from your home town to the border on a normal rail ticket.

have fun,
Peter 🙂

matchey @ 17-06-2008 19:28

regarding 1. - I think that if you buy interational (TCV) ticket to the first border station it'll be valid on the train, regardless that it normally has Global Price.
Global Price however includes reservation so if you travel ob TCV ticket you might have to pay supplement.

BTW - first border station is the first station abroad, regardless if the train stops there or not - your InterRail ticket is valid from the border 🙂

Best Regards

Joos @ 17-06-2008 20:08

So I can not just buy a ticket from amsterdam to zurich on the city night line for 20 euros... i'll have to buy a ticket from amsterdam to the first city in germany for the full price and another ticket from germany to zurich for the interrail (low) price? (i already have the global pass)
So if I understand you correctly, I have to buy a ticket from amsterdam to Duesseldorf at the full price or at the reduced price?

matchey @ 18-06-2008 07:09

You will have to buy:
1. Ticket to the first German city in the international (TCV) tariff. Probably you may get 50% discount for it - check the InterRail site.
2. A supplement (Reservation) - if the train requires it (a night one will d🧐. You buy one for the whole journey.

Sometimes there are also special national tariffs for InterRailers on interational trains, you may ask at the station.


Pete @ 18-06-2008 08:10

this is the perfect answer... and like Maciek said, best to ask and buy this reservation and extra ticket (starting town to border) at a station.
you will get a discount of 50% in the Netherlands on the ticket to the border. 🙂

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