Italy-Greece ferry-boat. How is it ?

przemkop89 @ 25-05-2008 19:10

I wonder if you could tell me is the ferry boat free for me if i have a InterRail ticket?
First I saw somewhere that it is free. Few minutes ago I saw info that it is not free in July?

Pete @ 25-05-2008 22:02


In low season it is free... in high season you have to pay a supplement. 😶
Details you can find here:
There you will find the fares.
But it is still cheap for a whole night per ship ... 🙂

All the best and a lot of fun on your tour,

Pete @ 26-05-2008 07:33

yes... you can use this connection also in low season (winter). 🙂

Telis @ 06-06-2008 10:04

Well, they say that the ticket is free but you have to pay extras, such as fuel fees, port fees and a high season supplement. And if you want a cabin or air seat, deck seats might be free.

Me and my husband are travelling on the ferry Italy-Greece-Italy on Interrail passes this summer and we had to pay 200 euro in all these extra fees. (We have chosen air seats instead of a cabin).


Pete @ 06-06-2008 10:23

there are two ferry companies which offer this free crossing from Italy to Greece and back. you have to see that this ferry connection is a bonus - as normally InterRail is not a ferry pass, it is only a rail pass.

if you paid more as the fares listed bellow, they gave you wrong prices and information and sold you wrong tickets to make some extra money. now you can say it was a mistake, but you can also say it was done knowing the real fares - so it was intended... as it is not the first time I heard of this!

the official informations are:

Attica Enterprises (Superfast Ferries / Blue Star Ferries)

if you have an InterRail Global Pass or an Single Country InterRail Greece Plus Pass you can use the following ferry for free (deck passage):

Patras / Igoumenitsa (Greece) to Ancona / Bari (Italy)

June and September: 10 EUR per person
July and August: 20 EUR per person + fuel surcharge (4 EUR) + port taxes

Minoan Lines

only with an InterRail Global Pass you get a free deck passage on the routes:

Patras - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
Patras – Corfu – Igoumenitsa - Venice

June and September: 16 EUR
July and August: 26 EUR (attention: you DON'T have to pay port taxes !!!)

buy your ticket always at their official offices !!!

Telis @ 06-06-2008 10:55

Hi Peter,

your figures are well in line with what we paid, except that the fuel surcharge on Superfast ferries is now 10 euros per person per way.

We paid 220 euros (and not 200 as I said before), and that is also in line with the official information on Superfast ferries home page (, so I don't think we were cheated.

We paid:

Port dues, 7.00 euro, per person, per way
Fuel surcharge, 10 euro, per person, per way
High Season supplement, 20 euro, per person, per way
Air seats, 18 euro, per person, per way

That amount's to 220 euros. The same booking, without the Interrail pass, would cost 289 euros. So we saved 69 euros and I think that's great! But I wouldn't call it free. 🙂


Pete @ 06-06-2008 11:32

oh okay... I misunderstood it... I thought it was 200 EUR one way... 🙂
and you are right... the definition of free is something else than this crossing from Italy to Greece !!
thank you for all details !! 🙂

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