Interrail: important questions before the trip

davaldo19 @ 29-01-2008 20:13

Hello, I am Inter-railing this summer for the first time and I will be alone so I want as much clarity as possible before I set off on tour, I have a few questions for all your experienced travelers...

1, How much (Approx) will I need in supplements for this journey:



2, Is their an Cities on that list I should remove?

3, If I need to make a compulsory reservation should I do it the night before online, or can i turn up earlier and do it or would making the reservation for my next train ride the day I arrive in the host city?.

4, Do you pay supplements on the train or before you get on?.

Thanks, Anyone who can shed any light on the above questions kick-ass!

SiDUDe @ 29-01-2008 22:41

Hi, I think i can help on a couple of those journeys. Venice-Florence-Rome (and so I assume to Milan as well) there is no supplement, as long as you do not get on the very fast trains. Paris Brussels directly is only served by the Thalys trains, which, if my memory serves me right was a €25. You can go an alternative route, involviny many changes and much longer, just ask at the train station. I would always book your next train as soon as you get to the city, if you know where you are going next, as it does get busy in the summer and there are only a certain number of tickets for interrailers. I hope this helps, im sorry I couldnt help on any of the other journeys


Miro @ 30-01-2008 09:13

I thought in Italy there were supplements on almost every train...

About Paris-Brussels, if you're lucky you can go with the TGV, which has only a supplement of €3,- i thought. The Thalys is €15,- i think...

SiDUDe @ 30-01-2008 09:19

your probably right about the Thalys supplement, it was either €15/25 and I couldnt remember. Im sure we paid nothing for supplements on normal trains, not on Eurostar/ICp/international trains. This was last summer though so things may have changed. And they didnt tell us we could do Paris Brussels on the TGV at the station - even though we did ask if it was possible to get to paris any cheaper...

davaldo19 @ 30-01-2008 12:42

Cheers for the help dudes! Much appreciated!

I might be wrong here but is their no difference in price for going from Paris to Amsterdam instead of Paris to Brussels?. I am not all that fussed about going to Brussels so if its relatively the same I will just go to Amsterdam?.

I am pretty clear about where I wanna go for the majority of the journey so I will be able to book my next train ride the day I arrive in the City.

SiDUDe @ 30-01-2008 15:52

ye, the Thalys is the same price for paris-brussels and paris-amsterdam - we were travelling from amsterdam to paris and had to get a normal train to brussels and then change onto the Thalys because apperrently the Amsterdam Paris train was fully booked, even though we were booking it the day before we travelled.

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