Interrail: how much money do I need ?

joanna_vdv @ 16-04-2008 18:41

Hey, I've been wondering what the best way to do money is - card, cash or traveller's cheques? The latter's been recommended but it sounds a bit fiddly ... And I've been told you have to pay big transcation/handling fees with card (plus I only have a debit Visa). I don't want to be carrying large sums of cash around with me - help!

SiDUDe @ 16-04-2008 19:03

depends where you are - debit cards are the best if you can get one that doesnt charge for overseas transactions, if your in the UK then theres the Nationwide one which is very good if you can get it. Travellers cheques are a bit of a waste of time, and always keep a bit of cash on you somewhere safe.

UPDATE - calculator:


Pete @ 17-04-2008 08:46

I use a Visa-card ...
it is in every city the same ... the same like you stay at home and go to the city for shopping ... you have to pay always attention to your money... 🙂

joanna_vdv @ 17-04-2008 15:45

Doesn't using a visa card abroad incur ridiculous handling fees though?

Pete @ 17-04-2008 16:29

mmmh... this might be ...
the best you ask before at the bank you got it from ...

my banking account is in EUR, so I do not have extra calculated exchanging costs and so on ... for me it is the cheapest way... 🙂

but if you banking account is in GBP, this might be a problem. 😢

SiDUDe @ 18-04-2008 13:37

yeah, most banks charge for overseas withdrawals, except nationwide and HSBC (as long as you withdraw from an HSBC bank). I think these are the only 2, but best check with your bank

Kucifus @ 23-04-2008 11:32

Yeah, for us brits using cards can lead to problems

Last year my dad was abroad and he got, wait for this... 30% surcharge on his Halifax card.

I dont advise cards for brits, i think travellers cheques arnt a bad idea because if they get nicked then you dont lose any cash.

Though, always have some cash on you.

carvell @ 23-04-2008 16:19

Open a Nationwide current account, they're the only bank in the UK that won't charge you anything for taking money out from anywhere abroad.

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