Interrail: Hostels or Campsites ?

rockrat @ 11-08-2006 22:16

A friend and I are heading off on the interrail experience in just a couple of weeks. We're flying to Izmir, Turkey and then ending up in Amsterdam.

We seem to have most things sorted now, apart from one thing which I would be grateful for anyone's 2 cents on.......Accommodation.

Where do people normally stay - Hostels or Campsites?

Campsites...Are these easy to find upon arrival in cities (in general)?


Hostels...Is there any need to book ahead? Or can we just turn up and ask if theres any space? Not really bothered about walking round a few of them, just dont want to be refused entry to any of the inn's and be left on the street.


Pete @ 12-08-2006 07:59

Camping is good in the summer month. it is cheaper than hostels.
But the camping areas are often outside of the cities, so you always have to take a train/metro/subway to come in the centre of the city (which costs extra).
Also you do not have lockers there to place your money, passports, etc ...
And you have always transport a tent with you (more weight).

Hostels are more expensive than to camp. but more comfortable, in the centre of a city, there are lockers ...

So my experience is: in big cities like Paris, London, Roma, ... I prefer hostels.
In small cities or on the country side, when go to beaches, I always do camping.
And when I am doing transfers from one to an other country, I use night-trains.

A good mix of all ... 🙂

👉 for hostels have a look on

Peter 🙂

rockrat @ 12-08-2006 19:44

Hi Peter, cheers for that...

Definitely confirmed the need for a tent now then. Hopefully finding a place to camp wherever possible won't be too hard.

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