Interrail: help with route please

carys_cymru @ 26-07-2007 09:34

Hello! My friend and I are going travelling for the first time at the end of the summer and I was hoping for some advice. We've booked a flight out to Amsterdam on the 27th of August and back from Rome on the 18th of September - can anyone suggest the best places to visit in between?

We're not really fussy about where we go, we just want to have the best possible experience in those 22 days - so if anyone has any advice on routes or must-see places we'd be very grateful!

Also, where are the best places to stay in Amsterdam and Rome - think we want to get somewhere nice for those nights

Thanks very much x x 🙂

admin @ 26-07-2007 18:11

I started in Amsterdam on a 10 in 22 day pass and went as follows:

Grindelwald: night train via Basel- middle of Swiss Alps
Berlin: night
Krakow: night
Prague: night
Koln: night
Napoli: night via Munich
Nice: night

Lots of variety; from breathtaking mountains to huge cheap pizza. Mostly sunny places, which is quite a relief from subaqua Britain.

I've taken between two to four days in each place to do more exploring and reduce travel fatigue.

I've a recommendation of where NOT to stay in Amsterdam: Globe Hostel; big, dirty rooms and loud trouble in the street outside all night.

Enjoy your trip.

admin @ 26-07-2007 18:29

go to slovenia, because its the most beautiful place i have ever known.

carys_cymru @ 01-08-2007 16:13

Thanks very much for your posts, it sounds like getting night trains is the best option very often - i presume these are common between main cities, not like here in Britain?!
Do you have any general tips / advice for someone who's going interrailing for the first time? Do we need to book hostels in advance now or is it ok just to do it the day before we get to the next city etc?
Diolch :P

admin @ 04-08-2007 18:28

night trains are indeed very common yes, and make sure you book them. and get a couchette, the seats are hard times.

i would book the first couple of hostels in advance and then go with the flow. i'm not really sure how busy end of august/september would be, i imagine quite so. in that case, book ahead. you dont want to restrict yourself too much i guess.

where abouts in wales are you from?

admin @ 04-08-2007 19:43

You can book night trains and couchettes usually on the day of travel but I recommend booking your next night train as soon as you arrive in a station. This means you'll be sure of where you are going next and you won't have to waste time going back to the stations, which are sometimes dangerous, before you leave.

I booked all my accommodation in advance this time as, in the busy season, I didn't want to be walking around or wasting time and money on the net finding beds while on tour. It worked out very well and is less stressful than turning up in a city and trying to find somewhere to sleep. I saw quite a few people and groups trudging around late in the evening with nowhere to sleep.

Have a fantastic trip.

carys_cymru @ 05-08-2007 13:56

Thanks again for your posts - best get on the case and look for some hostels etc then, should waste a few hours in work!
I'm getting really excited about the trip now - hope the next few weeks go quickly.
Thanks & i'll let you know how we get on!
Diolch :P
ps. i live in swansea at the moment but originally from llandeilo in carmarthenshire 🙂

admin @ 05-08-2007 14:20


Forgot to mention:

I booked everything for a seven country trip in a couple of evenings.

All the best.

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