Interrail help wanted

emmalouise @ 30-09-2008 11:53

I'm looking to travel eastern Europe next summer and so far have a route worked out that will get me from Krakow to Sofia but then I'm stuck! I ideally want to end up in Prague but can't seem to find an easy way to get there by bus/train.

Any help or other suggested routes would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Pete @ 30-09-2008 13:01

mmmh... in Bulgaria I recommend going to the Black Sea (Varna - night train connection from Sofia/Beograd) ... and for your way back ... when coming from Krakow in the direction of Sofia you can do one way via Vienna to Beograd then Sofia (but maybe it is even nice to travel to Croatia and Slovenia)... and on your way back you travel from Sofia via Bucharest (and make some stops in Romania) to Vienna and from there to Prague ... you can do all this by night trains... for the fares have a look at the country topics here at the forum ... Peter 🙂

emmalouise @ 30-09-2008 14:53

Thanks for that Peter! 🙂

My route so far takes me from Krakow -> Warsaw -> Budapest -> Sofia
I was hoping to then go to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria then Prague but I can't find a direct night train from Sofia to Zagreb .. any ideas or any suggestions of the easiest way of doing this? Or any alternative routes I haven't thought of?

Thanks for all your help! :P

Pete @ 30-09-2008 15:57

You have to travel first from Sofia to Beograd -
There you change to Zagreb/Ljubljana:

If you want to buy an international reservation in Sofia (for example a bed in the train - this you can also do it directly at the train, ask the staff there), go to the RILA office in the main train station. it is on the main hall when entering the main entrance. turn left. it is a blue and white coloured symbol. they speak perfect English ! 🙂

Pavel @ 06-10-2008 08:01

I also recommend you to go to Varna, and you can do this at the end of your journey because in the summer there is a direct train between Varna/Burgas and Krakow/Katowice/Praha via Bucharest. So, as Peter said, you can first visit Slovenia and Croatia and continue to Bulgaria.

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