Interrail: Hannover - Berlin - Warsaw - Prague - Vienna ...

dreamtime @ 09-02-2009 17:48

Hey everyone.
I am living in Germany actually near from Hannover. I am planning a big tour i mean begins with:

Hannover-Berlin-Warshaw-Prag-Wien-Venice-Rome-Zurih-Genova-Paris-Luxembourg-Brussel-Amsterdam and again home =)

I mean actually its my dream but i dunno if it is possible to manage it in 1 month.. could u please give me some advice?

dreamtime @ 09-02-2009 17:53

And by the way i am actually not a german.. i am an exchange student.. and i have a residence permit till 17.July.2009 and i am living in germany since 05.September.2009 and i am planing to rise in May.. is it possible??

dreamtime @ 09-02-2009 17:54

P.S. : since 05.September.2008

Pete @ 09-02-2009 18:39

hi ...
yes you can do this tour ... a lot ... but you will see... just start and if it is too much then slow down and skip some cities. don't plan too much. maybe you meet some other nice travellers and join them ?!? you never know on interrail. 🙂
for train schedules and travel times:
for night trains:

and yes, you can buy a German InterRail Ticket. just go on , select the ticket you want and fill in the forms. as country of residence select: Germany. and the passport number of your non-german passport. you always need your permit of residence with you during your tour.
have fun, Peter 🙂

NillerDK @ 10-02-2009 20:56

It should not be a problem. My trip last year: Denmark-Germany-France-Belgium-France-Spain-Portugal-Spain-Morocco-Gibraltar-Spain-France-Italy-Slovenia-Denmark, and i did it in almost 5 weeks 🙂

rasta1992 @ 29-03-2010 20:52

i am also planing almost the same trip as you did!
i am starting from Slovenia and i am planing to go Netherland with one stop in munich! Then i would continue my way down south: belgium, france, portugal, spain and then over the french coast back to Slovenia.

i am wondering if it is possible to travel this in 22 days with inter rail ticket (10 trips in 22 days) or is it better to take a ticket with 22 traveling days!
and if it is not possible which parts should i skip!


Flo @ 29-03-2010 22:38


With a stop in Munich you'll need two travel days to get to Amsterdam. On your way home you will need one travel day if you leave from, say Milano - probably two if you are further away. This leaves you with ~7 travel days for the rest of your trip. Since you dont know an exact route yet I cant help you on planning further but I think you will be fine with the 10in22. 🙂

Flo 😎

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