Interrail Global Ticket - How it works

jasondavis180491 @ 24-02-2009 17:50

Global Ticket - how it works.

Hi there.

Im very new to interrailling and I plan on travelling around Europe to several countries with a few friends in summer with a global rail pass. However the whole concept of the pass confuses me and I have a few questions: would be great help if anyone could answer some of these:

1) From what I have read, you must reserve seats on most trains between countries - are there any trains that you can just get on and find a seat or do all trains need reserving before you get on?

2) Once you get to a country is it advised to use the train service to travel within that country?

3) Where can you find information on all the connecting trains between countries - for example is it as easy just go jump on a train from Berlin to Prague whenever we want? We want a bit of freedom in the travel - how will we find out the stations and times? is there a website for this.

4) We want to start travelling from Amsterdam - should we start our trip with a flight there or will our global rail pass do the job?

5) Any other advice ....


Hetman @ 24-02-2009 17:59

Time tables:
First timer Interrail guide:

apollov @ 24-02-2009 18:01

Hi Jason - I am new to interrail and am off in a fortnight, there are trains that you do not have to reserve on, but nearly all night trains you will need to reserve. Some also have supplements to pay, both these are not covered by your pass.
If you get to a country and have paid for your global pass- use it, you've paid for it, now get your moneys worth. As you are travelling in summer trains will get booked up and without reservations you may struggle at peak times, holiday, weekends etc.

I have used both Austrian Rail site - OBB nd German rail site DB - both are excellent.

Where you start from depends on which country you're from and your first point of call in Europe. Remember you cannot use your interrail pass inyour homecountry.

Cooks European Train Timetable (£13.50) very worth while

Pete @ 24-02-2009 18:03

hej Jason ... 🙂
here are your answers:

1) there are some trains for which you need supplements, but you will always find trains without supplements. especially in Eastern Europe, in Germany, ...
in France, Spain and Italy it is sometimes hard with all the supplements... but you can do it as well for free... no problem.
to find train schedules:
and for the supplements:

2+3) just jump into a train to cross the borders... do it by day train or use night trains... you can save the costs for a hostel and it is really a cool experience to travel by night train. you will meet a lot of other travellers... just take some beer with you, sit beside in the cabins and talk and exchange experiences !! 🙂 you won't believe me, but the biggest part of my friends are persons I met during train travels ... 🙂 ... okay... maybe it is because I travel all year long... 😉
for details on supplements for a bed in a night train:
and for the train schedules for Europe (you can find them up to 3 months in advance. but just use a date of today to get an impression, as the timetables won't change a lot during summer).

4) you can use a flight... but pay attention as luggage is limited ... 😶
I suppose you are from the UK?? right ?? why not using the ferry Harwich - Hoek van Holland and then continue via Rotterdam to Amsterdam by IC (no supplements needed) !! 🙂

5) ... don't plan too much ... just start and enjoy the freedom !!

have fun and all the best, Peter 🙂

Pete @ 24-02-2009 18:04

💡 oooh... a new record ... three answers at the same time... perfect !! 🙂

jasondavis180491 @ 24-02-2009 18:22

Cheers. Im sure I'll be back with more questions soon enough :P

jasondavis180491 @ 24-02-2009 18:34

Ok there is one more question:

On the link you gave me - lets say i want to go from one main city to another using my rail pass: How do i know which routes provided allow me to use my global rail pass ? A lot of them say reservation needed. Is there a website or train guide that shows me how to get from place to place with the global pass (after all we want to optimize the use age of out ticket and prevent unnecessary costs)


Ps Yup im from the UK

SiDUDe @ 24-02-2009 22:40

If the website/timetable (i second the recommendation of the thomas cook european train timetable) says reservation compulsary or has an R with a box around it then there is probably some monies to pay. If it is an express/night train then there are probably monies to pay. If not, jump on and find a seat!

If you look around the site/forum there is lots of information on suppliments for the various different countries

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