Interrail for Working Holiday visa

howie8 @ 18-02-2009 11:25


I'm currently on a working holiday visa from canada, I've been in the UK for at least 6 months so far.
Am I eligible for the interrail pass? What would they be looking/checking for to confirm that period.


Pete @ 18-02-2009 14:17

hej ...

the important date is the one when your visa printed in your passport starts.
so if the date of your visa shows the 19th August 2008, you can start from today the 19th February 2009.

the official rule says you can proof your current residency in Europe (in your case the UK) by showing a student visa, governmental certificates, bank receipts or telephone bills.
I think the visa is the best form, so that it is the best for understanding for train staff which even do not know the exact rules of InterRail... 😉
and your working holiday visa should be the same like a student visa.

the next step is to purchase your official InterRail ticket at ... just fill in the forms and select as country of residence the UK. when asked for your passport number, fill in the one of your Canadian on. that's it. you will get the ticket by secure mail and can start your tour of Europe!! 🙂

have fun and all the best, Peter 🙂

sophiecatherine @ 11-03-2009 21:20

I am currently studying in the UK, and I have a British passport, and obviously British citizenship. (I'm living here in every sense)
I'm wondering if I can still get an InterRail pass? I've been here since December 2008, and plan to do the InterRail trip in April 2009. I have previously been here for a little over a month in November 2007.

I understand your meant to have been here for 6 months, but I'm a citizen, so a bit confused!


Hetman @ 11-03-2009 21:49

yes, you can!

Pete @ 12-03-2009 08:29

just some general information for other visitors of the forum:
the important thing is that you can proof your stay in Europe.
if you have an Non-European passport, you need some documents, proofing that you live in Europe. For example a visa or a residency permit stamped or attached to you passport - something official.
this official document needs a date. and starting from this date you need the six months stay - then you can start travelling by InterRail.
the reason: if the staff in the trains will check your ticket and they see a Non-European passport, they want to see your visa or the official document which proofs that you have the right to travel with an InterRail ticket ... and they are only interested in documents and papers. but believe me, it won't be checked very often. maybe twice on an one month trip. 🙂

👉 in your case it is no problem to travel by InterRail like SiDUDe said - as you have a British passport !!! 🙂

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