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redja @ 19-09-2008 19:00

Hi everyone,
we're booking flights tomorrow for next summer (aug09-sept09)..
flying to budapest and back from barcelona..
with this inbetween..any input would be greatly appreciated.
are we to ambitious?

The Route...

• Budapest (Hungary) – Fly from East Midlands
o 3 Nights
• Bratislava (Slovakia) – 3 Hour Train Journey
o 1 Night
• Vienna (Austria) – 1 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Graz (Austria) – 3 Hour Train Journey
o 1 Nights
• Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 3 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Lesce Bled (Slovenia) – 1 Hour Train Journey
o 3 Nights
• Salzburg (Austria) – 4 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Munich (Germany) – 2 Hour Train Journey
o 3 Nights
• Rome (Italy) – Night Train
o 3 Nights
• Florence (Italy) – 2 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Pisa (Italy) – 1 Hour Train Journey
o Day Stop
• Viareggio (Italy) – 20 Minute Train Journey
o 2 N ights
• Genova (Italy) – 2 Hour Train Journey
o 1 Night
• Nice (France) - 3.30 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• St Raphael (France) – 1 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Avignon (France) – 2.30 Hour Train Journey
o 1 Nights
• Narbonne (France) – 2.30 Hour Train Journey
o 2 Nights
• Perpignan (France) – 40 Minute Train Journey
o 1 Night
• Barcelona (Spain) 3 Hour Train Journey
o 4 Nights
• Fly Back From Barcelona

Pete @ 20-09-2008 07:40

hej ... 🙂
I think you will missing nothing. a good route you will travel...
only maybe one little thing to add:
when travelling from Southern-France to Barcelona, cross the Pyrenean mountains from Perpignan to Barcelona by a special free train connection. The Petit Tran Jaune is a lot of fun and nice nature you will see:

redja @ 20-09-2008 08:30

thank you peter, just what i wanted to hear! 🙂
really looking forward to getting things booked and planned propperly now!

sam188 @ 24-09-2008 16:49

3 days in Lake Bled is a lot- try spending one or two days in Lake Bohinj, which is far far far's about 45-1hr away from bled by bus if i remember rightly, well worth it. good campsite at the western end nr Ukanc..there's a direct bus to Ljubljana from there too- takes about 1hr half..well worth it!

sam188 @ 24-09-2008 16:50

try Dokk Club on Sziget Island in Budapest..Domino hostel is great on Vaci Utca..Szechenyi Furdo are great spas (don't go to Gellert= massive tourist trap)

redja @ 27-09-2008 22:24

sam thankyou for your recomendations!
we wanted 3 days in bled to relax..and we have found a lovely campsite!
but maybe i will try the other lake!
do you have any more recomendations for budapest?

sam188 @ 30-09-2008 09:15

ermmm..don't pay for the metro!?
the biggest island, called Margaritsziget or something, is really great day and night..
don't buy drinks on vaci utca or go to any of the clubs there..
3 days is cool for budapest, 4 if u plan on going out all night/day in Dokk.

redja @ 30-09-2008 12:00

why not?
and wasnt really plannin on much clubbing..more sight seeing?

from your other posts i see you do a lot of you have any experiences of this in france and austria and vienna..can you just turn up and find somewhere?


sam188 @ 01-10-2008 14:06

ahh right
well it depends when/where you go but i've never had any problems in a lot of France- haven't travelled much in Austria though...

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