Interrail: do I have to choose travel days when I buy ?

shmelman @ 14-05-2008 19:25


Maybe a stupid question but do i have to choose the exact travel days when i buy the ticket or can i choose them while i'm travelling?


Pete @ 14-05-2008 19:40

hey Dan ...

you have to choose them, when you buy the ticket.
for example on a single country pass you have to select if you want 3, 4, 5 or xx travel days within a month. then you pay the ticket and it will be send to you.

but you are FREE to choose then within the month your ticket is valid on which day you use one of your travel days. so you do not fix the travel days when you buy your ticket you only fix the number (!!) of travel days you will have.

for example you travel in France with a Single Country Pass valid for one month with 4 travel days. you start on the first day your pass is valid (one travel day). then you stay on the beach for a week. it begins to rain, so you jump on a train to move to an other place in France (second travel day). you have to fill in the travel day in your ticket, when you jump into the train, not before. so you are free to decide ... you are very flexible !!! 🙂
then the third and the fourth travel day..... whenever you want... 🙂

it is the same system for Global InterRail Passes. you are free and flexible.

have fun,

shmelman @ 14-05-2008 20:06

thanks! you know i thought i have to choose the exact date for every travel day in advance but great thats not the case. 🤣

josambs @ 26-05-2008 12:47


got a question as well concerning that: if i don't know exactly when my first travel day is, can i also, for example, buy the one country pass starting at the 15th of july and use my first travel day later than the 15th? or is the first day of validity also the first day of travel?

thx loads


Pete @ 26-05-2008 13:05

hej ... 🙂

no it is no problem to start later even the first day your ticket is valid is the 15th of July.
the first travel day is NOT the first day your ticket is valid.
So you can set as first travel day for example the 19th of July! 🙂

have fun,

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