Interrail discounts on buses and ferries

the_fredster @ 02-08-2007 16:32


I put this in this part of the forum as the first question should be here... Me and 4 mates have recently bought the 22 day global pass. We shall be leaving in a few weeks and I have some questions.

1) Does the Interrail ticket give you any sort of discount on trams, buses and tubes (do any European cities have tubes apart from London??)

2) It says in our Interrail guide that Sea France offer a 50% discount to Interrail ticket holders. However i cannot find this on their website. How do we go about getting this?

3) We are visiting some countries which have a currency other than the euro (Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Chezch, Slovakia), do these countries accept the euro as well as Zloti or whatever their own currency is? If they do are the exchange rates in shops fair or not? We can easily get currency for them, it would make it simpler to just use euros however.

4) When on long distance trains will we be able to keep our bags next to our seats (so we can keep an eye on them)? or will we have to put them on racks? If they go on the racks should we lock them to the rack? (someone told me if you do its like your showing that you have something valuable in your luggage...)

5) Our tickets came in the post. I was expecting some sort of more hard wearing looking ticket. Any tips for keeping them looking nice/not being ripped etc.



admin @ 02-08-2007 18:02

Hi Fred

1.The interrail pass gives loads of discounts.
Have a look and see what might be useful to you. Many other cities have underground railways but I don't think the pass is valid on them although a single trip in Paris, for example, is much cheaper than London: London is 4 quid a go and Paris is 1.2 Euros for a single trip. Prague is also cheap at around 70 pence a ticket.

2. Present your pass when you book a journey. You'll then be given the discount (or not!)

3. I've just come back from Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland. You'll need the local currency and you get a better rate if you take it with you. In Switzerland I used Euros but ONLY in the railway station.

4. On any journeys keep a close watch on your bags. Some countries are more risky than others. I locked my stuff to the luggage rack several times. All baggage will be targeted by thieves anyway so make it difficult for them if you can. Just before departure there are people who roam the trains looking for unattended bags to jump off with. I've met several unfortunates who had been robbed. Just be aware and vigilant; it's the best you can do.

5. Put your pass in a waterproof plastic bag: the ones that you get your currency in are perfect. After a month my pass is now pretty tatty even though it was always protected. And if your pass does get wet, it will disintegrate.

Hope this feedback is helpful.

Have a most excellent trip.

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