Interrail - Croatia - Barcelona - Berlin - Florence

Rebecca129 @ 09-02-2009 16:47

Hiya, I am in a group of 4 girls going interrailing this summer. We are thinking of getting the 22day ticket and we have various places we want to visit and things we would like to do. The thing is, we dont know if it's practical, too costly etc in 22days and Im not great at geography so organising a route is difficult 🙂 we are first-timers so any assistance would be great, Peter if you're reading this, please advise!

Ok so we are really interested in doing the following😢in no particular order)

Croatia (split) and island hopping there
Benicassim music festival (Novi sad) or else the exit festival.

To be honest, we aren't exactly sure where we would like to go so any recommendations would be appreciated, we woul just like some sort of example route so we have an idea of how it all works. Ive had a look on the forum and am still unsure!

thanks in advance xx

SiDUDe @ 09-02-2009 19:38

Umm girls... Benicassim is in Barcelona, Exit is in Novi Sad. (and exit is cooler, doing both is just epic)

I like to finish up in dam, its easy to fly home from and its just a cool place to head for. If you can get out to Split first, then head on up north (via Novi Sad), into Italy and spain and then up to prague, berlin and amsterdam.

Rebecca129 @ 06-04-2009 17:46

Thanks 4 ur help 🙂

Pete @ 07-04-2009 07:00


I also recommend the EXIT festival in Novi Sad - but it is a personal decision what you prefer. 🙂
either visit the festival at the beginning (then you get in mood of the InterRail live - no showers, sleeping outdoor in tents, ...) or at the end of your tour.

and something to add... are you starting from the UK? if yes, first go to France by ferry: or directly to Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam and then by free IC to Amsterdam:

then do it in one tour like SiDUDe said: Amsterdam - by day or night train to Berlin - from there by day train (no supplements - direct day train - 4 hours) to Prague.

from Prague to Vienna by day train (EC train - supplement of EUR 7) or by night train:

then either from Vienna directly to Croatia: and on your way back via Italy.
or from Vienna to Italy ( - same fares for Rome or Venice) and at the end to Croatia.

fly or travel back from there home... and of course you can do this at the reverse way as well.
Peter 🙂

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