Camping cookers - what size ?

MightyReek @ 11-01-2007 23:08

I was wondering on what size of gas canister for a cooker would i need for 2 person-16 days cooking... I don't think we'll cook every single day (i doubt it)...
I've seen a small one weighting 100 grams, what would be good for my back... But would it last enough?

And, would i have a problem by having such cooker in the airplane? Not as hand-luggage offcourse!

Pete @ 12-01-2007 10:12

hi ... 🙂

I think this will be enough ... and by the way, you get new gaz in every big supermarket ... about the airplane thing, I am not up to date... sorry...
have a nice day,

CodeMaster @ 12-01-2007 22:07

on aircraft - no way
in luggage - you can have anything, just you'll have to DECLARE it 🙂

MightyReek @ 13-01-2007 20:00

Thanks for the replies!

So, what you mean is that i can put the cooker with my luggage that i deliver in the check-in, but i have to declare that it's inside my luggage?
That's not that bad... Unless if i have to pay some extra...

nicky @ 17-01-2007 13:23

i just came from a one month trip...

i just put it in the rucksack and checked it problem. i declared and paid nothing.

hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

CodeMaster @ 22-01-2007 14:28

no no no nothing to pay, never!
just when luggage is accepted and they see explosives (in some airports like RIGA (possibly London to🧐) they ask - what do you have there? and they accept cookers :P ~ i have seen this event just before me on check-in...

railer10 @ 29-06-2010 19:33

Isn't a cooker somehow dangerous? I mean what about the heat? Let's say it has nearly 40 degrees - is there anything that can happen when you carry that thing with you? I really want to take a cooker with me - but I want to make sure everything is safe first 🙂 Thanks for your replies!

Flo @ 01-07-2010 14:31

Never had problems, neither with Campinggaz or petrol powered ones. I dont know what the exact specifications are for those cookers, but they are certainly save to carry, also in your backpack. The only problems that might occur is on Eurostar and maybe also in Spain (security checks) though I've never travelled there with a cooker.

Flo 😎

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