Interrail: booking a hostel

LMBC @ 24-02-2007 14:58


I looking for hostels in uk. I found more than one site to book.
- official site of the hostel
- etc

They all usally have different prices. Why? Can I trust in them? They really guarantee that I will have a reservation and that price when I get there?

example: Globetrotter Inns London
- official site 41€ per night per person in a twin room
- hostelsworld 41€
- hostelz 35€

example: Campus Accommodation @ QMUL
- official site: £24
- : £19


Pete @ 24-02-2007 17:26

You can trust them. Especially

I never heard any problems from people booked over the system here on the website.

And the different prices: you have always to compare ... depends on the deals the companies offering the booking system have with the single hostels. 🙂

P.S.: I say your email you send me some days ago, but just came back from a little tour... 😉 have a lot of fun travelling!!! 🙂

LMBC @ 25-02-2007 00:30

thanks for the answer peter.
I see that I need to compare them all. I just found strange that for example have some prices lower than the hostel. But they should have their reasons to make this deals.
I already had seen the booking system in railcc . It's very helpful


niks @ 16-04-2007 13:19

hey guys...its back! 😐 lol

was just wondering, my traveling mate is coming around this week, to get a final darft on your route for the month when we go round europe.... i use final loosley lol

but yeah. hes coming down to london in june time, very early. and were gonna book our inter rail ticket then, and book our eurostar train and train from yorkshire to london

but was just wondering will we still be ok to book hostel then. i mean its like over a good month before we go... i just dont want it to come june time and their not be any left 😐 😧

can anyone help?

niks @ 16-04-2007 13:20

basically booking tickets in june to go in late july.... lol

Pete @ 17-04-2007 07:48

you can book your interrail and the other rail tickets a week in advance of the first day of your travel, if you do it online:

and: it is cheaper not to use the Eurostar. Okay, it is fast and you are in 3 hours in Paris but if you want to safe money, go by train to Dover, then by ferry (6-8 EUR one way) to Calais (France) and then by train to Paris... it takes more time but you used a ship ... 🙂

and for the hostels ... for the big cities it is a must to book them one month in advance for the summer months!!! if you want to sleep in the nice hostels - otherwise you will get either no place or only expensive and the bad and boring hostels.
but do not book to much - because then you have a really fixed tour and you can not be spontaneous any more...! and being spontaneous is the feeling of interrail - at least for me ... 😉

Arnor B @ 18-04-2007 02:19

There is one thing though, when booking on for example, you can pay a cancellation insurance of €0.75 and if you have their goldcard there is not a booking fee (if you read the newest issue of packedmag you'll find an ad there with a coupon for a six month free goldcard, else it cost about €7 for 12 months).

You can do this to be on the safe side, and then just notify the hostel in no less than 24 hours before you were supposed to show up. This way you can book but still have some freedome!

(I'm going in mid-July, but I've already started booking for the really longer stays...)

Danny @ 22-04-2007 18:37

Without booking and having the cancellation insurance, is there any way to do the Inter-rail without booking all the hostels but still having quite a bit of flexibility? Do campsites outside of the city usually fill up really quickly as well?

We don't want to book much in advance, but it seems we will have little choice! Perhaps if we book hostels for every other place we will be OK...?

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