Interrail: big backpacks and battery chargers in trains

Andie @ 21-08-2007 12:18

Hi everyone! 🤣

My boyfriend and me are planning an InterRail tour in the summer 2008! I have lot of questions but many of them could be answered later... But, as i'm searching the internet, watching photos and videos of other interrailers i began to wonder one silly thing.

I noticed that every interrailer has big backpack but still when they go out, look around the city etc they have small backpacks (like for school). So, where do you interrailers leave your big backpacks (if you're not taking a room in a hostel)? Are there some public lockers in some cities or...? 😐

And one more question - can you charge your camera/mobile batteries in train?

That's it for now 😉

Bon voyage to all interrailers 🤣

admin @ 21-08-2007 17:57


Leave your big backpack in your hostel room if it's secure enough and your roommates seem trustworthy. Many hostels have lockers or your room might have a key. You can also lock your rucksack to immoveable objects: I padlocked my rucksack to my bed in Berlin this year!

Many hostels and hotels will let you leave your rucksack in a room for the day after you have checked out. This means you can just collect it when it's time to catch your next train.

If the hostel isn't safe enough you can use lockers or left luggage offices in railway stations. The cost of these varies from place to place: I've paid between 1 and 4 Euros for a day. I often put my big rucksack into a locker in the morning and then collect it just before going to take my next train.

I often take all my really important stuff in my daysack: railpass, wallet, passport, travellers cheques, dosh, etc. So that, if my rucksack gets stolen, I've still got the essentials for my holiday to continue.

And, always be careful with your rucksack on the train. Try to have your luggage in view at all times. There are opportunist thieves looking for unattended bags; especially before the train leaves the station. You can lock your rucksack to the luggage rack with a padlock.

You'll find plug points on some trains: I saw someone charging their phone on a Eurostar in Italy.

Have a great trip

Andie @ 21-08-2007 18:54

Thynks mate 😉 i didn't know that there are lockers at train stations, that's pretty cool!

i'll go crazy till next year, i can't wait already!

Tnx again

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