A complete Interrail beginner

elizmac @ 15-03-2009 15:56

I know I am going to sound very stupid and naive, so I'll just preface this with an apology 🙂

A friend and I are working in Hungary and Romania this summer and were hoping to get some European Backpacking in before our internship begins. How plausible (and inexpensive 🤣 ) would it be for us to travel from Paris to Budapest in 1-2 wks while still being a typical 'tourist'?

I am willing to play the stupid American card also and admit that I dont know ANYTHING about traveling in Europe outside of my short stays in Budapest, HU, and Oradea and Brasov, RO so if anyone has the time to tell me where to start and how to go about planning this, I would SOO appreciate it. Thank you so much!!

Pete @ 15-03-2009 16:39

hej ... mmmh... so do you live since more than 6 months in Europe before staring your your tour... or did I misunderstood that you are from the US ? 🙂

elizmac @ 16-03-2009 16:26

I am from the US but stayed in Romania for two months last summer. My friend and I are trying to see as much of Europe as we can before June 25th when we have to be in Budapest. Hope this clears things up! :P

Pete @ 16-03-2009 16:43

... so you did not stayed six months in Europe or longer at the first day you want to begin your tour - and you are non-european.
then you can not travel by INTERRAIL. you need an EURAIL ticket (google for it) ... it is nearly the same... 🙂

and it is easy to do to travel from Paris to Budapest.
find train schedules here:

use some of the night trains:

and select the cities you want to see on your route.

hostels are listed here: https://rail.shop/hostelworld

elizmac @ 16-03-2009 19:35

thank you!

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