Interrail backpack

sarah_uk @ 02-04-2006 14:28

Hey there, my boyfriend and I are going interrailing for a month in july. We've sorted the route and such.. but i was just wondering if anyone who's been interrailing before could tell me what size backpack i should get? (how many litres..) And should a girl get a smaller one than a boy?


p.s. we're hostelling, not camping.

Pete @ 03-04-2006 09:18

I wouldn't use a backpack with more than 65 (+10) liters. It should be enough, otherwise you will travel with too much weight !! 🙂
And if you have a nice boy friend, then buy him a bigger backpack than you have ... 😉
By the way: test it and fill some bottles of water in your backpack ... just to see how it feels having 15kg of weight on your back, walking 2km.

sarah_uk @ 03-04-2006 19:52

Thankyou for your reply..
That sounds rather big! Do you not think 50L or so might be large enough?! Or am i just dreaming..!

Pete @ 06-04-2006 06:37

if you don't need a stove or soemthing else for cooking, not tent and no sleepingback, 50l can be enough if you travel to the south of europe and it is warm in the night ... 🙂
it always depend on the personal intentions ... 🙂

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