Interrail: art and travel!

linswilson @ 22-01-2008 23:15

I'm studying at art college in leeds, england and i'm going interrailing for the first time in march/april and i wanted a little help....

I'm doing my final degree project on trying to integrate art and travel by setting tasks for myself on my travels - 'tasks' for example could be anything that will help us experience every culture in a different light, so i'm looking for suggestions - an example is to create a series of images from every bed that you stay in (through photos etc), but it could be anything...

If you have any ideas you can reply or pm me, or email if you prefer. it'd be good also if you are from the countries i am going to but not essential.

I'm travelling for 3 weeks -

so any specific suggestions for ideas, art galleries, day excursions etc to get the most out of the trip (and fr my project) would be very much appreciated! This project will potentially be a book and a website where of course you would be credited.

I'm sure you will see me on here nearer the time panicking about trains and things!

Thanks a lot,
Lindsay 🙂

Miro @ 24-01-2008 22:38

There are soo many things you could do. Make pictures of the trains, traffic signs, people who check your ticket (conducteur in dutch), etc. You could also draw an important building in the city at 12 am or something, with all tourists and people walking around it. Maybe you can collect one sentence that's very typical and ask a local to speak it, so you can record it on your mp3player or something. Well i don't know exactly what arts you're studying so...

linswilson @ 25-01-2008 12:48

hey, thanks! that's the kind of thing im looking for, it doesn't matter if you think it is wrong or right, just ideas along those lines. so thanks 🙂

Miro @ 26-01-2008 15:43

Ok, you're welcome. I'll keep thinking!

admin @ 27-01-2008 19:03

couchsurf! not only will it save you pennies, but it'll put you in situations where you can get a proper idea of the culture, and that'll in turn inform your work. things that you might have missed out on will be achieved!

linswilson @ 27-01-2008 20:28

i've heard about this - it sounds interesting, i'm planning on travelling with my boyfreind though - are people often willing to let a couple of people stay or is this not normally possible? thanks!

admin @ 29-01-2008 18:18

you do get people letting couples stay, i wouldnt worry about that. it's an awesome scheme anyway.

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