Interail Ticket- one month continuous

mikeandbex @ 07-05-2008 20:25

How long exactly does a month continuous pass last for??
If you buy one on the 1st July does that mean its last day for use is the 1st of August?

Pete @ 08-05-2008 07:34

If the first day your ticket is valid is the 1st of July then:

You can start the 1st of July at 00:01h in the morning.
It ends at the 31th July 23:59h.

Not the length of the month is important (the number of days), the date is the important thing.

In February you have bad luck for example:
Starting the 8th of Feb. at 00:01h, ending at the 7th of March 23:59h - only 28 days. 😉



lth3175 @ 05-06-2008 21:49

It doesn't have to start at the beginning of the month though right.

I want mine to start on 14th july, so will it run out 13th august??

Pete @ 06-06-2008 07:55

hi ...

yes that's right ... you can start whenever you want ... so you can start as well on the 14th (00:01h in the morning). then your InterRail pass will end the 13th (23:59h at night) of the next month! 🙂

have fun,

jisseyi @ 06-10-2008 20:57

I've been thinking to buy the one month continuous ticket but i'm not sure about it.
I mean, does the 'continuous'-part mean that you can travel as much as you want in a month. You can travel every day if you feel like it?
If that's what it means, it sure sounds good to me!


Pete @ 07-10-2008 17:29

yes you can travel as often and as much as you want during the month your ticket is valid... 🙂

redja @ 17-10-2008 18:43

sorry if this sounds thick...but just want to clarify....
i want to start my pass on the 7th august (months pass)

so when is my last traveling day.

Pete @ 18-10-2008 12:33

it starts the 07th August at 00:01h in the morning and it ends at the 6th of September 23:59h at night ... 🙂

elliec @ 20-10-2008 07:33

Hi, I am considering going inter railing next summer and have heard from people that it is more worthwhile to pay for each train ticket individually. would you know how much they generally cost and how much you need to travel in order to utilise the ticket so as to make up the cost?

Pete @ 20-10-2008 17:31

hej hej ...
it depends on the countries you travel ... often it looks nice on the websites of the railway companies and you can buy tickets for 29 or 39 EUR to travel trough one country. but such tickets are limited and you have to buy them 3 months in advance - also you are not flexible...
just to give you some impression about average fares on long distance travels...
Berlin - Paris: EUR 165,-
Paris - Marseilles: EUR 62,-
Barcelona - Rome: EUR 90,-
Rome - Vienna: EUR 120,-
Vienna - Prague: EUR 45,-
Prague - Amsterdam: EUR 135,-
these are average fares... sometimes you get it cheaper - sometimes you need an extra supplement... so if you compare it to a 1 month global InterRail pass for EUR 399,- with full flexibility, it is more expensive to buy single tickets.

elliec @ 21-10-2008 20:12

oh yes definitely! thanks v.much

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