Interail ticket and local transport

Pete @ 25-02-2008 08:04

hello ...
local transports like the metro in Paris or the subway of London, etc ... are not included in the interrail pass. as the interrail pass is just a normal train ticket. and the companies serving the big cities with buses, subways, ... are not train companies ...!
but you will always find cheap day tickets for the big cities...!
have a sunny tour,

Kwlka @ 02-03-2008 14:27

Sometimes is possible to use local train in city instead of using local transport.
For example you can use S-Bahn in Germany (probably in all cities), but you can't use SKM in Warsaw.

another example: in Roma you can go from Termini station to Vatican by metro(cost 1 euro or 4 euro for day ticket) or you can use train from Termini station to the Roma S. Pietro

Indyishere @ 27-03-2008 00:06

For trains wich connect cities(not local trains or municipal) you may use interrail card, right? If I would like to travel Paris->Tours could I use interrail?

Pete @ 27-03-2008 08:01

yes... no problem ...
this a SNCF train ...! 🙂
only the subways and stuff like this is not included in the ticket.

Tawadudd @ 30-03-2008 14:44

Hello! you know if I can get a discount/free-ticket in Scotland boat with the interrail ticket?

Pete @ 30-03-2008 15:23

hey hey...
you only get a discount on the ships/ferries listed on ...
on other shipping connections you have to check it on their website if you get a student discount or something like this...! 🙂
as InterRail is only a rail ticket ... and the free or discounted ferry tickets are only for connection countries or islands to other rail networks !!

I hope this answer will help you.
have fun,

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