How easy is it to get an Interrail pass at train stations?

Gray @ 01-08-2007 16:50

hi all!

was just wondering if anyone can help me. I am going on my first propper backpacking trip, for about 6 weeks starting next friday. I want to be as flexible as possible and so havent bought an interrail pass yet. I will be starting off with a bit of travel around eastern europe (which it seems is pretty cheap and so wont be worth buying a pass for). But then I plan to do some of the bigger Central and Western cities like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona (though i don't know exactly when, I want to be flexible). It seems that for the last part of my trip it will be worth getting a pass.

Basicly i have 2 questions:

1) do all stations sell interrail passes? (if not roughly what percentage do, is it only big cities etc?)

2) if i can get one at a train station how easy is it to do so and what is the procedure? (long queues? how do you prove the 6 months residence? will I just need a passport?)

Ok maybe I lied, it is more than 2 questions....

Anyway thanks in advance for any help! 🤣

blueyo @ 05-08-2007 08:01

Often the staff has some problems, as they don't sell Interrail every day. So it depends on the staff, not on the station.
Sometimes they look a bit confiussed. 🤣
Interrail is not available at stations in the UK!

Nico @ 05-08-2007 11:18


do all stations sell interrail passes?

Can only speak for my country (France) where generally sellers are not very used to this product and have to check their fares manual... Moreover, as the vouchers have to be filled manually (not a printed ticket), Interrail is generally not available at little stations. May be different for other countries.

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