Hostel: double rooms vs dorms

stezbot @ 18-05-2008 01:20

right, so when I'm reading that dorms cost so much and doubles cost so much, if my boyfriend and I got the double in most places would we be charged twice (the price for each of us) or just the price for the room (as in in the UK where we have travel inns for a certain price). obviously with dorms we'd pay twice because technically it's 2 beds being used, but with the double it's just the room being used with no more beds available...

can anyone clarify? i've seen some hostels with cheaper prices with doubles than for 2 dorm beds you see and obviously a double is much nicer than people you don't know snoring...

also, i think i've asked the question before, but with camping when it has the price for adults and the price for pitch/tent, would we pay just for the tent alone or would we pay for each person and the tent?

there's so much damn stuff to understand... 😵

Pete @ 18-05-2008 08:49

hej ... 🙂

in HOSTELS the price is normally per person and not per room ... when using , you will find the price per person.

for HOTELS you normally pay per room. I say normally as for example in the past the prices in Germany was per person in a lot of other European countries and the US per room... now as Europe is growing together, the system is nearly the same everywhere: you pay per room.

on CAMPSITES it is everywhere different. and often a bit complicate. you pay for each person, then for the number of tents and if you want to use the showers, you have to buy coins. this is version one which is possible.
version two which often exists: you pay for a space on the campsite... on which you can sleep with up to 2 persons, use the showers for free, place two tents, park your car... this is all inclusive but not every time cheaper as you don't have a car with you as InterRailer.

so let's say... you have always to compare ... talk a lot to other travelers, then you find the best hostels and campsites !! 🙂
that's the way I do it ...!


stezbot @ 18-05-2008 12:51

ok thanks! well i've got a little notebook of places and things to do so i'll mark it down in there (people will probably tut at me for being organised but i'd rather do that then spend ages looking for somewhere cheap and nice to stay...)

there's times i'm not too sure if they're hostels or hotels when i look at the names though, for example in morocco with hotel...but i guess we'll work it out when we're there!

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