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Gifty @ 17-03-2009 18:38

I'm planning to stay one night at Holyhead to take a train to Manchester by the morning. I'll already stay one night at Dublin, so I though that it will be good to sleep the other night in Wales.

My question is, do you know any hostels in Holyhead? I googled a bit and I didn't find any... Can you help me? Thanks! 🙂

Flo @ 15-05-2009 20:57

Might I suggest taking the last ferry from Dublin to Holyhead? You woulf arrive in Holyhead around 00.30, could stay at the station for the night and catch the first train (04.25) to Crewe and change there to Manchester.
Quite a trip but it would save you some money.

We are going to do the same thing in the summer but in the other direction; luckily the connections are better: We arrive around 02.30 and have a ferry to Dublin at 03.00.

Sorry, cant tell anything about hostels in holyhead though.

Pete @ 17-05-2009 22:04

there is no hostel there to stay overnight - as much as I know from my experiences ... 🙂

Marlanah @ 24-08-2009 11:35

I know there's a kind of youth hostel (called outdoor adventure I think..) where you can camp too, but it's not in Holyhead city and you have to take a bus and then to walk 1km.
I tried to sleep in the beach there, don't do that :P many many flies, rather stones than sand (dunno exactly, it was night) and rain..... 🤣 I ended the night in the ferry waiting room ( well you can perhaps spend the night there, but I don't know if it's open all the night.. anyway, since 4pm it's ok, and quite safe I found)

roryroryrory @ 24-08-2009 12:49

When I was there I saw plenty of B&bs.
So you may have to pay a bit more than a hostel.

Why don't you just stay in Dublin for one more night and get the ferry in the morning. Around 8:30 I think.

sam132 @ 17-06-2010 12:02


I would recommend avoiding spending a day at Holyhead if that's your plan, your far better off taking a day train upon arrival from Dun Laoghire/Dublin city, since Holyhead is not the nicest of places.

Good luck,


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