Helsinki to Brussels by train

annikki @ 11-09-2008 15:41

Hi there,
we are going to travel by train helsinki-brussels-paris-berlin-helsinki.we´re planning to take the 10 days interrail ticket with 5 days of travelling.
i suppose it's not possible to take a straight train from helsinki to brussels so we at least need to take the ferry to stockholm, but is there a night train from stockholm to brussels? and how about berlin-stockholm?

Pete @ 11-09-2008 16:27


First information... have a look at this link. there you will find all train schedules of Europe:

For your travel from Helsinki to Brussels you have to do it like this:
- Helsinki to Stockholm by ferry:
you don't have to use a travel day for it to get the discount.

- Stockholm - Malmö - Copenhagen:
try to avoid the X2000 as there is a supplement of EUR 7,00 on it.

- Copenhagen - Cologne - Bruessels:
try to avoid the THALYS as there is a supplement of EUR 13,00 on it.

there is an other option to travel Helsinki - Stockholm - Malmö and then by the Berlin-Malmö Express over night to Berlin.
From Berlin to Cologne and then to Bruessels

you have to calculate for both versions of the journeys something about 22-24 hours of travel time (plus the ferry Helsinki - Stockholm).

here is the link for more information about the cheap and nice Berlin-Malmö-Express. you can also use it on your way back home:

for Paris to Berlin you can use a night train:

have fun, Peter 🙂

annikki @ 26-09-2008 09:57

hello again!
forget to say that we are planning to travel in the end of december and spending the new years eve in paris or berlin.does it make it more difficult?
I tried to look the timetables, but it's not valid then anymore.Do u know when they make the new timetables?

Pete @ 26-09-2008 12:44

you can see the timetables up to three months in advance - so have to wait until the end of September.
I recommend to stay in Berlin during new years eve ... there is much more party on the streets!! you can drink on the streets, around the Brandenburger Tor there is music and so on ...! 🙂
in Germany new years eve is always celebrated with a lot of fireworks ... in France the prefer going out and have a nice dinner... not soo much party on the streets. 🙂

annikki @ 15-10-2008 09:40


The timetable is still valid only until 13.12.2008.Do you know any other way to check the timetables? We really should make a reservations for hotels becose it's the new years eve!

Have a nice autumn!

Pete @ 15-10-2008 12:29

hej hej ...
the timetable is available...
maybe you fill in as departure station Helsinki ??
fill in Stockholm as the rail schedules can not find a connection for the ferries Helsinki-Stockholm. you have to find out these connections on the ferry companies websites (links here on the forum).
fill in the train schedule search site Stockholm - Brussels and that's it !! 🙂
have fun, Peter 🙂

annikki @ 15-10-2008 16:00

hi again!
no, i'm sorry i did but stockholm and the date 27.12 (tried also other dates!) and it says that the timetable is not valid then, only until 13.12!it also says it in the right corner of the site. i don't no how or why but i can't use it.
thank you again!

Pete @ 15-10-2008 16:40

oh sorry... I misunderstood ... and you are right... actually only train schedules until the 13th of December are available within Europe. 😶
as there is a change of the European train schedules... this will be done within the next week... so you have to be patient as I can't change it ... 😶


Helsinki - Stockholm:

Stockholm - Copenhagen:

Copenhagen - Amsterdam (change in Cologne):

Cologne - Brussels:

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