Group of 10 Interrailers

Elberneth @ 02-06-2008 15:37

This is possibly a silly question but I don't suppose there is any group reductions or anything on a Global Pass for a group of about 10 people? (We are classified as Youths). I've looked through the main site and it looks like me and my friends will have to fork out the big sum of money, which is unfortunate as some of us probably can't
so I thought I'd turn here just incase by some chance I missed something out.

Pete @ 02-06-2008 16:02

hej ...
bad news for you ... you are right, there are no discounts on InterRail for groups... sorry for this !! these are the official rules....
the only thing you can save are the delivery costs if you buy all the tickets via at once (put one after one in the shopping basket). 🙂
have a lot of fun traveling by group !! all the best !!

Elberneth @ 02-06-2008 16:09

Thanks for the help, I guess I'll just have to tell all my friends to work extra hard in saving up some the money 😉

Thomas S @ 02-06-2008 19:51

You might gain some group discounts at various attractions, though. 😛

But wow, travelling with such a large group sounds fun...just remember to plan accomodation well ahead.

Elberneth @ 03-06-2008 08:02

hehe, we do everything together
If we do go interrailing I think, to save money and because there's so many of us we'll end up camping, does this seem a reasonable decision?

Pete @ 03-06-2008 09:10

I thing camping is the cheapest way for such a group... you get much easier a place for 10 persons on a campsite than in a hostel (some small hostels only have 10 beds) ... 😉
and you save a lot on food ...! as you need only one large pot with noodles. that's cheap. 🙂

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