Pete @ 26-12-2009 17:09


The Glacier Express is a service of the private owned rail companies called Rhätischen Bahn (Disentis - Chur/St.Moritz) together with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (Disentis - Andermatt – Zermatt).
It runs on the route Zermatt – Brig – Andermatt – Disentis – Chur – St. Moritz/Davos

👉 More information and the Swiss Rail Pass is available at

The train consists of panoramic cars only and has compulsory reservation.
As MGB only offers a reduction for InterRail pass holders, you will also need a regular ticket for the part of the journey you travel on the MGB (Zermatt – Disentis) in addition to your reservation.
On RhB you only need a reservation, as RhB is fully included in your InterRail pass.

💡 Reductions on the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn / Disentis - Andermatt - Zermatt
with InterRail YOUTH: 50%
with InterRail ADULT: no reduction

❗ Reductions on the Rhätischen Bahn / Disentis - Chur - St.Moritz
InterRail Pass YOUTH and ADULT (NOT bought in Switzerland): 100%
InterRail Pass YOUTH and ADULT (bought in Switzerland): 50%

On both you have to buy a reservation (fares per route in one direction): CHF 10.00

meal (3 courses): CHF 41.00,
meal of the day: CHF 28.00

For more information and the fares have a look at their website:

💡 CHEAPER travel by Regional trains on the route ZERMATT - ANDERMATT – CHUR/ST. MORITZ.
If you want to save money, don't use the Glacier express. You can travel the journey Zermatt via Andermatt to Chur and St. Moritz by cheaper Regional trains! Contrary to the Glacier Express, you will have to change trains several times, as you can see at the timetables below – but this is no problem, as stations are small and trains are on time.
The Glacier Express is a really nice train and I can recommend it. But if you don't have the money, have a look at these connections (if you use the schedule planer, select only Regional trains or enter Disentis/Muster as a via station as otherwise you will find connections by IC trains via Zürich and that's not what you want).
You will have to pay for the route BRIG - DISENTIS/MUSTER: EUR 30,- / CHF 46,-

A) Zermatt - Brig - Andermatt - Disentis/Muster – Reichenau-Tamins - Chur/St. Moritz by CHEAPER Regional trains

Zermatt - Brig:

Zermatt Dep: 0539, 0613, 0739 and hourly until 1839, then 1913 and hourly until 2213
Brig Arr: 0703, 0736, 0903 and hourly until 2003, 2035 and hourly until 2329

Brig - Andermatt:

Brig Dep: 0623 and hourly until 1923
Andermatt Arr: 0820 and hourly until 2120

Andermatt – Disentis/Muster:

Andermatt Dep: 0727 and hourly until 1827
Disentis/Muster Arr: 0836 and hourly until 1936

Disentis/Muster – Reichenau-Tamins (change here for St. Moritz) – Chur:

Disentis/Muster Dep: 0545 and hourly until 2045
Reichenau-Tamins Arr: 0650 and hourly until 2150
Chur Arr: 0704 and hourly until 2204

For St. Moritz change at Reichenau-Tamins:

Reichenau-Tamins Dep: 0657, 0808 and hourly until 1908, then 2007 and 2107
Samedan (for Berninabahn) Arr: 0847, 0946 and hourly until 1746, then 1847, 1947, 2047, 2149, 2249
St. Moritz Arr: 0858 and hourly until 2058, then 2159, 2259

💡 Example connection Zermatt - Chur by regional trains:

Zermatt Dep: 0839
Brig Arr: 1003
Brig Dep: 1023
Andermatt Arr: 1220
Andermatt Dep: 1227
Disentis/Muster Arr: 1336
Disentis/Muster Dep: 1345
Chur Arr: 1504

B) St. Moritz/Chur – Reichenau-Tamins - Disentis - Andermatt - Brig by CHEAPER Regional trains

Chur – Reichenau-Tamins (for connections from St. Moritz) – Diesentis/Muster:

From St. Moritz change at Reichenau-Tamins:

St. Moritz Dep: 0702 and hourly until 2002
Samedan (for Berninabahn) Dep: 0717 and hourly until 2017
Reichenau-Tamins Arr: 0853 and hourly until 1953, then 2055, 2155

Chur Dep: 0656 and hourly until 1856, then 1959, 2059, 2259
Reichenau-Tamins Dep: 0705 and hourly until 1905, then 2013, 2113, 2310
Disentis/Muster Arr: 0811 and hourly until 2011, then 2119, 2219, 0012

Disentis/Muster – Andermatt:

Disentis/Muster Dep: 0714 and hourly 1814
Andermatt Arr: 0822 and hourly until 1922

Andermatt – Brig:

Andermatt Dep: 0737 and hourly until 2037
Brig Arr: 0933 and hourly until 2233

Brig – Zermatt:

Brig Dep: 0510, 0553 and hourly until 2053, then 2225 (2308 on Sunday)
Zermatt Arr: 0633, 0714 and hourly until 2214, then 2344 (0025 on Sunday)

Example connection St. Moritz - Zermatt by regional trains:

St. Moritz Dep: 1102
Reichenau-Tamins Arr: 1253
Reichenau-Tamins Dep: 1305
Disentis/Muster Arr: 1411
Disentis/Muster Dep: 1414
Andermatt Arr: 1522
Andermatt Dep: 1537
Brig Arr: 1733
Brig Dep: 1753
Zermatt Dep: 1914

C) Shuttle service Andermatt – Göschenen (for Gotthard route Zürich – Milan🧐 through „Teufelsschlucht“ by CHEAPER Regional trains
Andermatt Dep: 0725, 0748, 0828, 0848 and hourly at xx28 and xx48 until 1828, 1848, 1948, 2048, 2128
Göschenen Arr: 0739, 0803, 0842, 0903 and hourly at xx42 and xx03 until 1842, 1903, 2003, 2103, 2142

Göschenen Dep: 0753, 0812, 0853 and hourly at xx12 and xx53 until 1812, 1853, 1912, 2012, 2112, 2153
Andermatt Arr: 0803, 0822, 0903 and hourly at xx22 and xx03 until 1822, 1903, 1922, 2022, 2122, 2203

This route is operated by MGB. Discount for InterRail pass holders, see above. It runs through the spectacular „Teufelsschlucht“. In Göschenen, you have connections to IR trains to/from Zürich, Luzern, Basel, Bellinzona (change here for Milan🧐, Locarno.

All stations along the whole route Zermatt - Chur/St. Moritz are very small - don't get in panic if the times between the changes might look be a bit short – trains will wait, usually also if there are minor delays. 🙂

On some parts, additional journeys are available – but those listed are important if you want to follow the route of the Glacier Express without longer stops. For the detailed schedule, have a look at the train planner below.

💡 Most spectacular sections:

Visp – Zermatt
Andermatt – Göschenen
Andermatt – Disentis/Muster
Ilanz – Reichenau-Tamis (on the Disentis/Muster – Chur section)
Thusis – Filisur – Preda (on the Reichenau-Tamis – St. Moritz section)

Update by flow: Nov 2010

cammie81 @ 05-01-2010 13:26

How much of the experience would be missed out by travelling only from Brig to Chur on the Glacier Express? The reason I ask is that time may be tight and would would have to backtrack to these destinations to continue our journey.


Pete @ 05-01-2010 13:58

Brig to Chur is perfect !!! 🙂
You won't miss anything!
Peter 🙂

cammie81 @ 05-01-2010 14:04

Thanks, that's brilliant. The Glacier Express looks amazing, worth paying the extra I would imagine, going by the pictures.

Pete @ 05-01-2010 14:19

If you want to save the money, use the free Regional trains...

Some photos of this journey ... one is the REGIONAL TRAIN, the other the GLACIER EXPRESS:

Head @ 06-01-2010 20:58

Back in 2004, I asked at information center at Chur station if I can use those regional trains instead of Glacier Express with my InterRail. They answered negative - it's not the train, it's the line. They really changed this and they are free now?! And it doesn't matter whether I bought my pass in Switzerland or not?

Pete @ 06-01-2010 22:53

hi Head ...
good the write your message here. I checked it. now the status is like mentioned above: you have to pay when using the GLACIER Express, using the Regional trains is cheaper.
but I still wait for an answer of the SBB about the fares for 2010.
thanks, Peter 🙂

Dutch Backpacker @ 19-05-2010 14:37

you have to pay when using the GLACIER Express, using the Regional trains is cheaper.
but I still wait for an answer of the SBB about the fares for 2010.
thanks, Peter 🙂

Do you also need to pay extra for the regional trains from Visp to Zermatt? I'll be using it to go to Randa (between Visp and Zermatt) this summer.


Pete @ 19-05-2010 14:58


Yes you have to pay extra. But I think it won't be too much as it is only short distance.

Peter 🙂

stezbot @ 06-07-2010 21:27

Ok, I've gotten confused by Peter and Head's conversation...

So it's still valid that you only pay a €10 reservation fee for the glacier express with interrail not bought in Switzerland?
Otherwise regional trains between chur & brig are free with interrail or not?


Flo @ 06-07-2010 21:33


the opening post is up-to-date. You will have to pay for the Disentis/Mustér - Brig part as it is operated by Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn which only grants a 50% reduction for InterRailers. When using Glacier Express you will have to pay a ticket for Disentis/Mustér - Brig plus a compulsory reservation. When using regional trains instead you only have to buy the ticket. 🙂

Flo 😎

stezbot @ 06-07-2010 22:49

oh ok, thanks. I misunderstood the bit in the opening post about the matterhorn bahn and didn't realise that that line was part of the glacier express along with rhatische bahn.
So the compulsory reservation would just be 10CHF for interrail pass holders, not 33CHF as the glacier express site states is a an obligatory reservation alongside the usual fare?

stezbot @ 08-07-2010 17:51

sorry... got another question!

so, no matter whether i get regional trains or the glacier express from chur-zermatt i will still have to pay 23CHF for disentis to brig (that's 46CHF with 50% for interrail pass) AND a 10CHF reservation fee? According to there's a regional train which takes longer than glacier express from disentis-brig with a change at andermatt. Would this incur the normal fare of 46CHF (or 23CHF if it is still matterhorn bahn and so 50% off) AND the 10CHF. Or because it's just regional and not a special train, would those 2 fares be void - would I have to pay anything or reserve that section?


Minhaaj @ 19-08-2010 09:28

Ok, sorry for quite a late addition but i am travelling this route tomorrow from zermatt to st moritz and apparently the normal train has no charges either. For example if you choose fast train from the search on dbahn website, then thats what you get:

Station/Stop Date Time Platform Products
Zermatt Fr, 20.08.10 dep 10:13 D 908 Schnellzug
Subject to compulsory reservation, Bordrestaurant, Observation coach, At seat meal service
Visp dep 11:25
Brig Bahnhofplatz dep 11:40
Andermatt dep 13:04
Disentis/Muster dep 14:12
St. Moritz Fr, 20.08.10 arr 17:42
Hide intermediate stops
remember Enter into calendar Print view
runs not every day, 19. Aug until 31. Oct 2010

Now if you select slower reigonal trains its totally free just a little longer.

Station/Stop Date Time Platform Products
Zermatt Fr, 20.08.10 dep 10:39 R 234 Regionalzug
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
Täsch dep 10:51
Randa dep 10:56
Herbriggen dep 11:07
St. Niklaus dep 11:17
Kalpetran dep 11:28
Stalden-Saas dep 11:38
Visp Fr, 20.08.10 arr 11:47
Visp Fr, 20.08.10 dep 12:08 R 542 Regionalzug
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
Eyholz dep 12:11
Brig Bahnhofplatz dep 12:23
Bitsch dep 12:28
Mörel dep 12:33
Betten Talstation dep 12:39
Grengiols dep 12:43
Lax dep 12:51
Fiesch Sport- + Feriencenter dep 12:55
Fiesch dep 12:58
Fürgangen-Bellwald Talstation dep 13:05
Niederwald dep 13:11
Blitzingen dep 13:14
Biel(Goms) dep 13:17
Gluringen dep 13:20
Reckingen dep 13:22
Münster VS(CH) dep 13:27
Geschinen dep 13:29
Ulrichen dep 13:33
Obergesteln dep 13:36
Oberwald dep 13:44
Realp dep 14:05
Hospental dep 14:13
Andermatt Fr, 20.08.10 arr 14:20
Andermatt Fr, 20.08.10 dep 14:27 R 854 Regionalzug
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
Nätschen dep 14:37
Oberalppass dep 14:50
Tschamut-Selva dep 15:00
Dieni dep 15:08
Rueras dep 15:11
Sedrun dep 15:17
Bugnei dep 15:19
Mompe Tujetsch dep 15:23
Segnas dep 15:27
Acla da Fontauna dep 15:31
Disentis/Muster Fr, 20.08.10 arr 15:36
Disentis/Muster Fr, 20.08.10 dep 15:45 RE 1261 Regional-Express
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
Sumvitg-Cumpadials dep 15:53
Rabius-Surrein dep 15:56
Trun(CH) dep 16:01
Tavanasa-Breil/Brigels dep 16:08
Waltensburg/Vuorz dep 16:12
Rueun dep 16:14
Ilanz dep 16:24
Castrisch dep 16:26
Valendas-Sagogn dep 16:31
Versam-Safien dep 16:36
Trin dep 16:42
Reichenau-Tamins Fr, 20.08.10 arr 16:50
Reichenau-Tamins Fr, 20.08.10 dep 17:08 RE 1157 Regional-Express
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
Thusis dep 17:30
Tiefencastel dep 17:47
Filisur dep 18:02
Bergün/Bravuogn dep 18:14
Preda dep 18:30
Bever dep 18:41
Samedan dep 18:50
Celerina dep 18:53
St. Moritz

I was just wondering if i miss read or what but, apparently you have to pay NOTHING through whole route from zermatt to st moritz if you choose to travel slow.

Pete @ 21-08-2010 10:28


Zermatt-Brig-Disentis: you will have to pay as it is a private rail company. Avoiding the Glacier Express, using Regional trains, it is cheaper, but not free.
Peter 🙂

sarebt @ 25-04-2012 10:05

I will travel from Chur to Göschenen on this line by regional trains with IR.

Is it common (and without additional surcharge) to buy the ticket for the MGB part on the train?

When buying a ticket from Disentis to Göschenen, is it ok to interrupt the trip at the Oberalppas for an hour or should I buy two tickets then?

Flo @ 25-04-2012 11:18


you can buy the ticket for MGB on the train, although I do not know whether you will have to pay an extra surcharge or not. I would recommend to get the ticket at the counter in Chur already. 🙂

It is OK to make a stop at Oberalppass, the ticket should be valid all day.

Flo 😎

sarebt @ 25-04-2012 12:16

ok, thanks.

Ellien @ 19-07-2012 13:53

E-Mail to Glacier Express Info:

I want to travel from Zermatt to Chur. (on ​​22 August)
That would make me prefer the Glacier Express, but I do not know what I have to pay.

I was in travel agency and they told that I must pay € 27 booking fee and then about € 68.10 (€ 90.80 with discounts for InterRail Global Youth Flexi Pass issued in Germany).

I've just received in response:

We can only specify the Swiss franc prices. The conversion of the daily rate.

The reservation cost for each guest 33,00

The ticket for InterRail Youth Pass is 41,00

So easy! And not so expensive as expected!!

Pete @ 19-07-2012 15:36

Calculation like this...

Zermatt - Brig:
Brig - Disentis-Mustér:

This route is served by Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn. You get 50% discount (Interrail YOUTH Pass only) on a standard fare ticket which is available for example at Zermatt railway station or also in the train.
Full price (Zermatt - Disentis-Mustér) is: CHF 83 = EUR 68; Reduced price (50%) = CHF 41.50; you have to pay EUR 34 (=CHF 41.50)

From Disentis-Mustér to Chur you travel for free with the frequent regional trains:

By the way. from Chur you also have a nice and scenic connection in direction of St. Moritz... and you even continue to Milan, if you want to go to Italy.

If you want to use the Galcier Express, you need an extra reservation from Zermatt to Disentis-Mustér of CHF 10 (regional trains on which you even can open the windows are free - and I prefer them!).
But definitely leave the Glacier Express (if you want to use it) at Disentis-Mustér, otherwise you have to pay until Chur (50% of standard fare) - regional train is free like mentioned above.


Zermatt - Disentis-Mustér by Glacier Express: EUR 34 + CHF 10 (reservation)
Zermatt - Disentis-Mustér by regional train: EUR 34

Zermatt - Disentis-Mustér by Glacier Express: additional CHF 27 (if you don't leave the Glacier Express - see above)
Disentis-Mustér to Chur by regional train: free

Peter 🙂

Wouter @ 05-05-2015 09:05

Does the GEX stops in Preda?

I contacted GEX already and they say: If you have a hotel there you have to go to Samedan or to Bergün to catch the Glacier Express. As it is written in the timetables, the GEX stops only in Samedan or Bergün on this route.

Now I'm confused, since a tour operator tells me the follow:
Today you are traveling with the GEX. Preda isn't a official stop, but since it is coupled with the regional train it stops in Preda as well. So you can hop on the GEX although your travel card and seat reservations start in Bergün.

Can I trust on this information, and wait in Preda to hope it is true or be save and plan to take the regional towards Samedan or Bergün (and with luck it is the GEX as well)?

Flo @ 05-05-2015 09:16

I assume you are travelling with GEX 901?
This train is indeed coupled to RE 1124 from St Moritz to Chur. Preda is not an official stop of the GEX but since the RE stops there, of course the coaches of the GEX will stop there as well as they are coupled together.
Since it is no official boarding stop for the GEX you can either do the official way at get on one of the coaches of the RE and travel to Bergün, get off the train, walk a few steps to the GEX coaches and board them with your reservation - or you simply get on the GEX coaches at Preda already, the doors should open. If you see a conductor maybe explain your situation; overall I think this is not a big deal. 🙂

Flo @ 26-07-2016 11:48


The seat reservation on Glacier Express services is 33 CHF in summer, 13 CHF in winter - regional trains are free.
Also, when travelling with Interrail, you need to pay for Zermatt - Disentis (50% reduction for Youth Pass holders), Disentis - Chur/St Moritz is free. With Eurail, there is a 25% discount on Zermatt - Disentis, Disentis - Chur/St Moritz is free.

Flo 😎

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