gemsy @ 16-02-2008 22:34

I'm going interrailing round Europe for a month in the summer, and was wondering how much stuff to bring! There's lots of tips for men's clothing but as a girl i'm still unsure. Is 4 vests, 2 tees, 3 going out tops too much to bring? Was also thinking a pair of linen trousers, long shorts, little shorts and one pair of jeans. Am i being too generous???!! Think I might be! Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks xx

admin @ 16-02-2008 23:01

The way I like to do it is have enough stuff to wear for on one week. That means spending only a couple of hours a week in a laundrette. So, I take about 7 tees, 3-4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs long trousers and enough underwear and socks. Also remember that it might rain so take a waterproof jacket. You might also want to take a pair of shoes that you can wear at night in restaurants and bars as well as a pair of comfortable and strong shoes for all the walking around you'll be doing in the daytime. I hope this is useful info.

Have a great trip.


rabbits @ 06-03-2008 21:05

Hmm. I'd say you could cut down to 2 nice tops for going out in, 2 vests, one short and one long sleeved t-shirt (so you can layer up if needs be. As for the bottom half, jeans are very practical and also look nice for going out so take those. If you're waiting for trains early in the morning or at night you'll appreciate the warmth too. Although they are heavy to carry, you'll probably find you are actually wearing them for most of the travelling part so that won't be a problem.

If you're very fair skinned the linen trousers might be a better option than the small shorts to protect your skin. Apparently legs are the commonest area of the body for skin cancer to occur in British women because in our freezing climate they're well covered for most of the year and then get blasted with sun in the summer! And the sun is a lot stronger in southern europe. Depending on where you're going, the short shorts might give local men the wrong idea - or even get you thrown out of the churches and museums you want to visit! Up to you.

I found a sundress invaluable - very light to carry, looks pretty, nice and loose in hot weather.

I set off on a two month rail spree with a generous 7 pairs of knickers but they mysteriously disappeared along the way so by the end I think I had only three pairs left - but it wasn't a problem. I just washed them in the handbasin in my room each night then hung them somewhere to dry. You can easily do the same thing with little vests, the thin cotton dries quickly. Hope this helps!! x

stezbot @ 08-04-2008 11:47

i know i'll have a problem choosing to bring. i have an eccentric dress dress, well i like to wear a range of clothing so it's going to be difficult for me! i'm definitely in for the sun dress as that can be worn whenever, a pair of jeans, swimsuit, a couple vests and a couple t-shirts then of course underwear and coat. i tend to wash all my stuff in the sink at the moment anyway at uni to save money so i know how that works! one thing - you reckon it's ok to bring washing tablets from the uk? will it pollute other countries water or anything?

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