GIRLS: clothes, how many shirts, pants etc ..?

lea_kl @ 01-10-2006 16:03


I read about how many clothes to bring but it was a guy writiong it so I dont know how much to bring as Im a girl,..
that guy wrote something about three tshirts, two sweaters,.. two pants, I think..

so what'd you think?
we're going on a thirty-days- trip

Pete @ 04-10-2006 07:41

Hi Lea ...
if here will be a list for clothes of women, I will add it to the website !! 🙂

CodeMaster @ 05-10-2006 05:28

...and i'd tranlate it respectively to Lithuanian...

P.S. Peter - are there any updates for translation?

Pete @ 05-10-2006 16:01

no ... everything is okay ... 🙂

CodeMaster @ 06-10-2006 05:56

offtopic to topic: didn't you forget my T for translation?🙂 i'd use it to advertise railcc on our travel 🙂

incolume @ 24-04-2007 01:34

I was thinking the same thing 😲 What about going out at night? The guy wrote about one nice suit, well I'm not planning on going anywhere that requires one but for most clubs I'd still need to dress differently than on a normal lazy travel day and do at least some make-up. Wouldn't I have to do laundry every three days if I only bring 3 Tees? I'm going on a 30 days trip as well and the other people traveling with me couldn't give less about their outer appearance 😲 C'mon there should be one girl out there that can help us!? 😉

Pete @ 24-04-2007 09:27

by the way ... I just remember ... you find in nearly every hostel a washing machine or a laundry service... it was always between 1 and 3 EUR ... so one clubbing dress should be enough ... 😉

niks @ 17-06-2007 18:15

hey, well im taking like a nice top which is like scunchy so u know it dosnt need to be ironed! lol 🙂

and yeah, jsut taking a pair of nice jeans, i am on the look out though for a nice mid length skirt though....

but yeah im not taking much to be honest with ya, about 5 shirts, 2 or 3 3/4 bottoms, flip flops, trainers, makeup bag, sleeping pillow, sleeping bag, travelling hairdryer and yeah thats about it.... ooooh and maybe my laptop but need to know what people think about that idea?

hope that helps 🙂


Arnor B @ 19-06-2007 20:52

A great tip for those who don't like wrinkled shirts:

When at home, I never iron my nice cotton shirts. I just am really careful not to put more than four of them in the washing machine at a time, and use only 40°C warm water. It really does a charm for most or all fine cotton, and I never iron.

caro @ 05-08-2007 20:33

I'm leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks and i'm taking:
- 5 tee shirts
- 2 trousers, 1 short, 1 skirt, 1 dress (to go out, cause 1 jean and 2 tops = much more heavy!)
So much more less than what i usually take for one week!!

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