Girl travelling over christmas...

fonkeered @ 10-12-2008 22:39

Hey i just found this forum and wanted to post that im leaving next week for europe to interrail over christmas and new year.

Im really excited, but nervous at the same time... im a very indipendant person, i just wanted to know if there were many travellers around this time of year in europe and what are the best places to be on christmas day and new years eve? oh and will i need to book any hostels on those days (im sure i will but im the most disorganised person!)

thanks x



Pete @ 11-12-2008 03:35

hej hej ...
I recommend Berlin if you want heavy fireworks... somewhere arround the Brandenburger Tor... and it is IMPORTANT to book your hostel right now!! 🙂
have fun... Peter 🙂

sballo @ 11-12-2008 11:41

where are u planning to go?

fonkeered @ 14-12-2008 10:21

I'm planning to be in Paris by the end of the week and then i haven't decided too much, i know i want to go through Holland, Germany and see Prague as well, i think im also meeting a friend in the french alps for around the christmas days but thats not set in stone. Are you travelling around this time as well or just general interest? any tips?!

sballo @ 14-12-2008 11:04

I was asking because if you were planning to travel to rome in the days before christmast i would have add a place to let you stay in, but.. that's not the case 🙂 .

never travelled in the winter, i don't like cold very much and i think paris, alps and prague pretty much are in december-january 🙂 .

fonkeered @ 15-12-2008 22:03

thank you for the offer though! will be off in two days.. hostels booked... :P

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