General Interrail help - added charges

Char&Holly @ 12-06-2008 18:54


This is Char here, me and a friend (holly) are hoping to go interrailing this summer for a month between mid-August and mid-September...
We were just wondering whether it is advisable to buy the interrail pass or maybe a better idea to buy each ticket seperatly as we have heard there can be alot of added charges on top of the basic ticket such as reservation fee's etc...

We are hoping to travel between France- Spain- Italy- maybe Switzerland- Germany (visiting many cities on the way)...

We'd greatly appreciate any thoughts and advice and any news of other people's experiences!

Char x

Thomas S @ 12-06-2008 21:09

I'd say that you should go for the Interrail-ticket. Train tickets in Western Europe, including the countries you mention, are quite expensive (especially of you want to avoid planning your entire schedule ahead of the journey), and even though you won't avoid some supplements and reservation fees, they're only a fraction of the price of regular tickets.

SiDUDe @ 12-06-2008 21:53

it depends where you are going, and how many trains you will be taking. Try and see if you can work out about how much seperate tickets would cost, by looking at each countrys train companies website. The interrail ticket would obviously give you more freedom, but it becomes less and less good value as every suppliment gets added 😢

Char&Holly @ 13-06-2008 21:27

right okay...maybe we will just stick with the interrail ticket, will have to look into it abit more i think...
How much on average is added for the different types of journey or does it just depend which country you are in and their rail system?

Also any other particular pointers in general about doing interrail that we should probably be aware of?

SiDUDe @ 14-06-2008 00:25

Allow an extra few days in france for when they tell you their interrail quota is full, and you cant get on the train :/

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