8 MINUTES to CHANGE TRAINS at Fredericia Station - Denmark

TuffTuff @ 03-12-2017 06:23

... can it be done? If your train is late coming to Fredericia Station does the connection train wait?

Flo @ 04-12-2017 11:55


8 minutes is easily enough to change trains at Fredericia.
In case of a delay, trains wont wait I think, but that depends on your connection and travel plans - if you are doing a longer international trip chances are higher that trains will wait; but you would have to contact the conductor and tell him that you need that connection.


TuffTuff @ 04-12-2017 13:33

Thank you very much, Flo. I am hoping my train will arrive at Fredericia Station 'on time' but I will ask the conductor about it when he checks my ticket. If I can find a plan of Frederica Station on the internet then I can place myself in the carriage to be near the platform exit/change when the train arrives.

TuffTuff ????

Flo @ 04-12-2017 13:50

You can have a look at the station layout at http://www.openrailwaymap.org/ 🙂

TuffTuff @ 04-12-2017 13:55

Oooooooooo! That is nice!
Thank you very much.

Flo @ 04-12-2017 14:15

What's your exact connection? Are you travelling with Interrail/Eurail or a regular ticket?

TuffTuff @ 04-12-2017 15:03

I am travelling to Kiel with one more connection. 57minutes in Flensburg.

TuffTuff @ 05-12-2017 05:48

A regular ticket.
Malmö R 1015 - Copenhagen LYN 25 - Fredericia IC 5720 - Flensburg RE 21919 - Kiel.

Flo @ 05-12-2017 10:20

OK - in case you miss the connection you are of course entitled to take the next available connection and also get a partial refund of the ticket fare.

TuffTuff @ 05-12-2017 16:29

Thank you. The next connection will bring me to Kiel 2 hours late. That is not a big problem. But that connection includes a bus from Gråsten st. to Flensburg ZOB plus another bus to Flensburg railway station. Will both Denmark and Germany allow me to make those connections without paying more?

Flo @ 05-12-2017 17:05

What is your travel date? This could be a replacement bus service due to construction works which of course is included in your ticket.

I assume you bought your ticket in one go? Eg you did not buy different legs of the trip from different train companies?

TuffTuff @ 05-12-2017 17:56

My travel date is Feb. 19, 2018. I bought my ticket online "in one go" through DB but the late connection information (bus etc.) is probably for today's date. If the bus connection is because of construction work then I suppose it will not apply in February? Anyway, if the original connection in Fredericia is missed I will be satisfied if the next connection will not cost me extra. A couple of hours late won't kill me and it will give me a chance to take a promenade in Fredericia. My concern is that I will arrive in Kiel and that I will not be charged a fee for "missing my train" in Fredericia.

Flo @ 05-12-2017 18:06

When I check timings for February 19 on http://plan.rail.cc/ then the next connection from Fredericia to Kiel is at 10:46 via Rendsburg by train only (exactly two hours later than your original connection). No bus involved.
I dont find any connection Fredericia - Kiel involving a bus.

You probably bought a "Sparpreis Europa" saver fare which requires you to use specific trains (at least across the DK/DE border and within Germany). However, in case of a delay this "Zugbindung" is void and you can use any train that gets you to your destination. You do not need to buy another ticket. Additionally you are entitled to a refund - 50% if the delay is two 120 minutes or more.

TuffTuff @ 05-12-2017 19:38

Your choice has another 8-minute change in Flensburg, plus a 10-minute change in Neumünster. Arrival in Kiel 11:55.

The one I’ve chosen has an hour change in Flensburg and doesn’t go through Neumünster at all. Arrival in Kiel 12:17

Both your choice and mine are the same train IC 5720 from Fredericia station at 8:46. I will have the same 8-minute change in Fredericia no matter what because the train from Copenhagen LYN 25 doesn’t arrive in Fredericia until 8:38. That’s the 8-minute change that worries me.

The difference between your choice RE 21067 and my choice RE 21919 is that I have an hour to change in Flensburg as opposed to only 8 minutes (again) by your choice.

The bottom line is that if I miss the 8-minute change in Fredericia I can forget BOTH the RE 21067 and RE 21919 from Flensburg.

The NEXT CONNECTION is the IC LYNtog 929 leaving Fredericia 9:49 (not 10:46) with a bus from Gråsten > Flensburg ZOB and another bus > Flensburg railway station, eventually arriving in Kiel 14:17. Two hours late. Maybe the one you mention at 10:46 is just as good or even better, and certainly simpler but waiting in Fredericia more than 2 hours (RE 21067) instead of 1 hour (RE 21919) is the question.

Flo @ 05-12-2017 19:57

So you're going via the "direct" line via Süderbrarup, ok.

Since the bus from Grasten isnt operated by DB or DSB (I suppose it is local urban transport?) you cant automatically use the bus; if you miss the connection in Fredericia due to a late train and want to take the bus to arrive as early as possible in Kiel you could take the bus but would have to buy a ticket which you could later file in and claim for reimbursement of the costs from DB or DSB (you have to hand in any claims due to a delay at the company where you bought the ticket).

The easiest option in case you miss the connection in Fredericia would be to travel (train only) with the next available connection via Padborg - Flensburg; how you continue from Flensburg doesnt matter then, as long as you dont make weird diversions (eg adding a trip to Hamburg). If you stick to trains you dont have to do anything, just claim for a refund after your trip.
If you choose to use other public transport (eg the bus via Grasten) you have to pay for it yourself and try to get your money back later (I am not quite sure if you would get the money for the bus ticket though since you would arrive in Kiel earlier if you stick to trains (Fredericia 10:46 - 13:35 Kiel with a change of trains in Rendsburg). Of course you can also travel via Süderbrarup as planned (Fredericia 10:46 - 14:17 Kiel with a change of trains in Flensburg).

TuffTuff @ 05-12-2017 20:30

Yes, I agree. If I miss the connection in Fredericia, waiting 2 hours for the 10:46 is more logical than trying to use buses. Thank you for your help and advice, Flo.

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