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Train strike in France

blcnnnn: Hi,
I have a question about strike in France. We have already bought train tickets via Omio which is name of company. Is it running from Strasbourg to Colmar ?
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Last Post blcnnnn
2019-12-14 18:07

Interrail in Intercite de Nuit

Nicolealho: With the Interrail global pass, do we still have to pay full price of the intercité route, or are there any discounts? I want to do Paris - Toulouse on the intercité de nuit.
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Last Post Nicolealho
2019-10-17 20:05

Paris to Hendaye and Back

dwight654: Booking TGV on oui, I find that I can book TGV direct from Paris Montparnasse to Hendaye. However, when booking the reverse i.e. Hendaye to Paris-CDG, I must change trains in Bordeaux, making the trip nearly 3 hours longer. Does anyone know why that is?
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Last Post dwight654
2019-07-30 18:00

Little yellow train, French Pyrénées

SunnyDe: I’ve just bought tickets online via for the Little Yellow Train. The confirmation email says to print out the pdfs; I don’t have access to a printer. Does the Little Yellow Train not accept e-tickets?
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Last Post SunnyDe
2019-07-30 11:16

TER train pass Cote d'Azur Nice-Antibes-Cannes

seanger: Hi i was trying to book train tickets on line from train line for my journey from Nice to Cannes return which would allow me to stop off in Antibes on the return journey - can i use the ticket i buy on line to do this - they ask...
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Last Post seanger
2019-07-25 21:51

Luggage lockers or service in Bayeux, France?

laurenzojbenzo: Nothing with eelway or nanny bags that I could find. Any thoughts?? checkout of air bnb at 9 and train back to paris not till 6 pm.....
Thanks in advance!
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Last Post laurenzojbenzo
2019-07-19 00:47

Changing trains at Bayonne station.

RickMadden: Hi, I am travelling from Paris to St Jean Pied De Port 25 April. I only have a 7 minute time frame to change trains in Bayonne. Can anyone advise if this is achievable and if so what platform do I arrive on from Paris and what platform do I...
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Last Post RickMadden
2019-03-07 02:02

TGV Paris - Barcelona

matejcrncevic: Hello,
I find at this page, that one ticket from Paris to Barcelona will be cost 34 euro (reservation, I will have interrail), but I read at that this ticket with interrail will be cost more than 34 euro (one train has 70 eur🧐. So can I ask...
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Last Post matejcrncevic
2019-02-05 21:04

Night train from Briancon to Paris

evegrace1: Hello,

I've booked one night train from Paris to Briancon at the beginning of January, and I am looking for the return journey (12th Jan). However, when I search for it, I cannot see any option for a night train back to Paris. Is this because it...
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Last Post evegrace1
2018-10-19 09:19

Gate du Hendaye

Argo2005: I’m going to be traveling through Hendaye and would like to know if there is luggage storage in the station. Than you
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Last Post Argo2005
2018-10-17 22:21

Night train from Paris to Latour de Carol

shelley: Can anyone tell me whether the night train from Paris to Latour de Carol will be running over this Christmas period (201😎 and when the booking will be open?
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Last Post shelley
2018-10-13 15:56

Gare du Mans luggage storage

IanPitt: Is there a luggage storage available at Gare du mans?
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Last Post IanPitt
2018-09-03 08:54

Parking at Toulouse Mataviau station

DianeBakerMason: Hello. We have a rental car we wish to leave at the Toulouse Mataviau station while we travel to Barcelona for four days. Does anyone know a place to park the car at or near the station? thank you. Diane
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Last Post DianeBakerMason
2018-07-16 21:30

Bicycle on Train in France (from Strasbourg to Paris)

NickAlbrow: I cannot see a bike compartment option listed on many of the direct trains from Strasbourg to Paris. Does this mean we will not be allowed to take our bicycles on the train?
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Last Post NickAlbrow
2018-07-15 10:46

From Strasbourg to İstanbul or other cities in Turkey

mmustafaozgul: How can I go by train from Strasbourg to Turkey? How many days can I go? How can I carry my car? Where can I buy tickets? Please help. Thank you for your interest...
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Last Post mmustafaozgul
2018-06-28 14:00

Regional train from paris to brugge

AlyaMinisler: When i search for the regional trains from paris to brugge,the trains that i found are have 7-8 changes and take about 15-20 hours long.My friend said that they went about 6 hours last year.Arent there any other trains which i could take without making reservation :/
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Last Post AlyaMinisler
2018-06-18 01:33

Train to Albertville, Fr from either Lyon or Geneva ?

djonabike: Hello - I need to get to Albertville from either Lyon or Geneva. Am starting in Nice and looking at a flight to either of those 2 cities - best train options to Albertville will decide where I fly to. I need to get there in one day rather not...
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Last Post djonabike
2018-05-29 01:21

Strike in France

Darling: Hello!

Going from Amsterdam to Paris 28 june. How does the train strike in France affect my trip and my plan to travel in France in july?

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Last Post Darling
2018-05-26 20:36

Bicycle on Train in France (from Paris to Nantes)

NickAlbrow: Hi. Can you tell me if I can take my bicycle on the train from Paris to Nantes? If so, do I have to make a reservation and will there be a fee?
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Last Post NickAlbrow
2018-05-09 18:58

Little yellow train

KieranJessieChisnall: Hi,
I am wanting to book tickets on the little yellow train between Villefranche and Latour de Carol in June. Am I correct that the yellow train is the only train which runs on this line, and if I book tickets from Villefranche-Vernet-les-Bains to Latour-de-Carol – Enveitg they...
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Last Post KieranJessieChisnall
2018-04-08 09:15

Night train from Paris to Nice

EricaLadd: Night train ICN 5773 from Paris to Nice - does this still exist?
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Last Post EricaLadd
2018-04-04 20:40

Train Route

GrahamPitchers: Do you have to change trains travelling from Hendaye to Amboise and if so at what station/s are the changes necessary. Same thing from Amboise to Paris. Is there a direct train or are changes necessary and if so at what station/s
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Last Post GrahamPitchers
2018-03-10 04:44

TGV "mini" fare?

kiwiajeossi: I keep checking sncf's site to make sure I don't miss out on the quota for Eurail Pass holders on the Milan-Paris TGV we're planning to take on May 5. Today, I discovered something new when checking prices: A "mini" fare that is exactly the same whether one is using...
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Last Post kiwiajeossi
2017-12-22 10:47

Thalys/TGV from Germany

vluvski: my family is living in Cologne, Germany. If I use a French single country interrail pass, am I eligible for travel on the French Thalys or TGV trains that serve Cologne or Frankfurt?
In other words, does the trip count as FRANCE because I am using a French...
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Last Post vluvski
2017-10-03 13:33

Train Paris-Warsaw

baggen: Hi, I was wondering wether there is a train that goes directly from Paris to Warsaw/Cracow or anywhere in Poland for that matter?
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Last Post baggen
2017-09-12 19:54

Traveling with bicycle

nigeundercanvas: May I travel from Calais to Vienna with my bicycle?
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Last Post nigeundercanvas
2017-08-06 12:53

Left luggage lockers at Monte Carlo?

eshelem: My boyfriend and I are planning on visiting Monte Carlo for a day as a stop in our way between Nice and Genova in August. We were wondering if there were any left luggage as we found contradictory informations online.

Can anybody give us some recent update...
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Last Post eshelem
2017-07-28 20:14

Interrail: four nights in France

qazwsx: Hi,
It's my first Interrail. I have only four nights to visit France. I will start my travel from Lyon where I will stay a night and i have to arrive to Dunkirk 3 night after. I don't know where to go. I'm looking for cheap accomodation.
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Last Post qazwsx
2017-06-25 20:20


morning: Is it possible to have a timetable through internet, of the trains that depart from railway station from Strasburg to Offenburg and to know the prices?

Thank you
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Last Post morning
2017-06-24 04:51

Connecting between TER and SNCF at Narbonne.

Mariansr: I am going from Toulouse to Barcelona and connecting to a high speed train at Narbonne. How big is the Narbonne train station. Is 7 min enough for a connection?
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Last Post Mariansr
2017-06-18 21:57

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