Form Italy to Syria, does Global pass worth it?

lenaliloulou @ 21-07-2008 11:38

This summer i will travel from Italy to Syria and I have some big questions to ask!

As we only cross countries i wonder it is worth to take interrail global pass, so here is the plan:

On the 27th July i will travel in italy then take night train to south.
On the 29th take the night boat from Brindisi to corfu (is there a boat for that way with interrail? coz it's not really clear)
On the 31st night train from Thessalonikis to Istanbul
On the 03rd Istanbul to Aleppo. (Until where is it free? can we buy the sirian part ticket in istanbul? (that's the hardest quetion!)

So is it 4 days of travel or do we have to count also the morning when we arrive with night train? (Or MUST i count only the arrive day as the travel day? I'd prefer to count the departure day)
How much taxes will we have on night train? Do we have to book for special trains (thoses to and fromm istanbul)
Do we have to book the boat anyway? What if they they there's no more space on the deck you must take a room?

Thank you so much if you can help me!!

lenaliloulou @ 21-07-2008 11:42

And another one... when do i have to pay the supplement? Directly on the train, o do i have to buy some ticket at the station before?

Pete @ 21-07-2008 11:53

hej Lena ...

it depends... is Italy your country of residence or not... what's your age (YOUTH or ADULT pass)...?!?

about single fares from AA to BB I can't give you information. therefore you have to ask directly at a station.

about the train Istanbul to Syria have a look at this link:
buy the tickets directly in Istanbul !!

for the ferry Italy to Greece:
there you will find all the InterRail discounted routes.

that's the information I can give you...
all the best, Peter 🙂

lenaliloulou @ 21-07-2008 17:09

Hey Peter!
thank you for your answer!
There is still something i didn't get, it's about the supllement, can i pay it on the train whan i get controlled?
and for the ferry between corfu and igoumenitsa, do i have to book or can i just hop on a boat? as it's kinda close i think there are a lot of boat, am i wrong?

Pete @ 21-07-2008 17:13

about the ferry: you don't need a reservation - just jump on it ... 🙂

and for supplements/reservations: normally you have to buy them at the station. sometimes it is possible to aks in the train for a bed (night-train)... on day-trains supplements in the train are more expensive!! 🙂

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