Fandongle @ 26-10-2008 15:36

This summer (either July or August) I am planning on getting a months global pass.

Now I am really wanting to spend quite a bit of time in Eastern Europe so would be starting from Scotland and then


and then home somehow.

Roughly how many cities including travel could you manage with a global pass? I will be on my own and hopefully making use of night trains etc

Seems like I have a hell of a lot of cities and only a month.

Pete @ 26-10-2008 17:29

hej hej ...
if you want to just get a first impression for future travels then you can do a lot and always stay for only one night in all the cities. but it will be stressful and not a lot of fun.
I recommend 2 or better 3 nights per city (depends on the size of the city)... you will find better places to go out... meet more people at the hostels (go into the smaller ones - there you get much easier into contact with other travellers) ... or do a pub crawl (okay I know it is only drinking, drinking, drinking) - but you will meet other travellers for the future days...
by the way: nice route you will travel !! 🙂
have fun, Peter 🙂

Fandongle @ 28-10-2008 12:54

Well decided to cut my list down to this at the moment.


Will give me enough time to travel to each city and spend 2 to 3 nights at each place. Plus also from Ljubljana to go and see the lakes (really want to go to Lake Bled).

Try and get a cheap flight to Berlin and then just go on the train from there.

Oh and does anyone have any experience with the trains to each city?

Getting home will be one hell of a train ride. Or could always just get a cheap flight somewhere.

Pete @ 28-10-2008 15:28

the night trains are cheap on these routes... something around 20 EUR per night (depends on the compartment you want to travel in). just have a look at the country topics of this forum to find the details about the supplements!! 🙂

sam188 @ 04-11-2008 15:33

that's a good route.
trains to Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow etc are amazing, but book those as usually they only let you get a compartment- i.e. not just kip on the floor, so it fills up pretty quickly. It's about 12 quid or something...
In Berlin stay in Friedrichschein but not Generator hostel. ever.
trains everywhere on that route are absolutely awesome- obviously not loads belgrade-sarajevo and zagreb but absolutely fine. don't bother buying a couchette- no point, just sleep in a seating compartment.
the sarajevo-zagreb train, overnight one, is a bit dodgy, like in being late/randomly not running/changing to a bus at 3am, that kind of thing, so bear in mind...also Zagreb is not that worth seeing.
Ljubljana is amazing and you can get a bus in like 1hr to Lake Bohinj-far nicer than Bled and not as touristy...

oh yeah, bratislava is also pretty missable- one day kind of city, i'd recommend hitting another day up in sarajevo, belgrade or berlin, especially berlin (and go at a weekend).

hope some of this helps

nadinandangus @ 03-07-2009 09:50

In Switzerland, I would chose Zurich over Bern. Bern may be the capital but theres not a whole lot going on there. Zurich is far more beautiful. go swimming in the Limat river, walk through the old town and chill out next to the lake, then climb up the ütliberg for sunset.

The train ride to Geneva is spectacular, I live in Scotland but come to Zurich ever month or so to visit my girlfriend, so have to fly Edinburgh to Geneva. The train is 3 hours but you never get bored. Sit on the left side.

nadinandangus @ 03-07-2009 09:50

sorry, that should be right hand side if your going from geneva north...

SiDUDe @ 03-07-2009 16:43

If youre in Sarajevo, dont miss out on Mostar its a really cool old city with a lot of recent history

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