Pete @ 26-03-2008 19:55

FERRY SCANDINAVIA (Stockholm) - BALTICS (Riga, Tallinn)

Tallink Silja Oy
(50% discount already included in the prices mentioned bellow)

Stockholm - Helsinki
only overnight, cheapest way in C-Class:
EUR 61 to EUR 82

Stockholm - Turku (night)
deck place = search somewhere on deck a place to sleep with your sleeping back:
EUR 9 to EUR 16
in Turku continue your travel by train to Helsinki (2h)

Stockholm - Turku (day)
deck place:
EUR 6 to EUR 11
in Turku continue your travel by train to Helsinki (2h)

Stockholm - Riga
deck place:
EUR 12 to EUR 16

Stockholm - Tallinn
B-Class cabin:
EUR 71 to EUR 95

Viking Line
(50% discount already included in the prices mentioned bellow)

Stockholm - Turku
deck place:
EUR 5 to EUR 18

Stockholm - Helsinki
deck place (in winter you have to pay an extra cabin!):
EUR 17 to EUR 31

update: January 2010

Andreas @ 03-06-2008 15:19


I have just booked a travel with Silja Lines Stockholm-Turku and Helsinki-Stockholm. This is in July, so high season prices.

Going in class C cabin with 4 persons: 90 euro for all

Back in class B cabin (shared with 3 other people): 26 euro euro p.p.

This means: 22,5 euro + 26 euro = 48,5 euro p.p. both ways (STO-TRK en HEL-STO)

This is Interrail discount included. I think a good deal. Viking Lines would have been more expensive (they give only reduction on passenger fare)

Furthermore, I suggest booking a cabin, as a deck place is about the same price: in high season 21,5 euro (33/2+5 fuel surcharge) instead of 22,5 euro on the STO-TRK route.

Good luck and greetings,

Pete @ 03-06-2008 15:42

thank you for this update !!! 🙂

grizzly @ 23-07-2008 20:39

Hey Andreas, do you have to take whole cabin or you can just take one seat?

nltrainer @ 12-05-2011 12:04

-cabin has BEDS
-you can-but this varies-sometimes not at weekends or in high season- book 1 bed in share-with samesex other unknown people (just like on the trains with a sleeper
-all these ferries also have (slumber)seats-most are quite comfy.

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