Ferry Norway - Great Britain

yrsi @ 12-01-2009 14:26

does anybody know if there are any ferry connections between norway and england or scotland that are still used? stavanger to newcastle or any other?
i checked many websites but i couldn't find any ferrys.

Pete @ 12-01-2009 14:37

I know the connection
Stavanger to Newcastle was stopped in 2008.
the only way I know is from Esbjerg (Denmark) to Newcastle and Harwich...
Peter 🙂

yrsi @ 12-01-2009 14:53

thanks for the answer!
thats too bad, i guess i have to fly 😢

yrsi @ 18-04-2009 13:07

i am now thinking about going from amsterdam to newcastle. but the prices are very high (176 or 158€ on the days that i want to go -DFDS Seaways). does anybody know if it is possible to go without booking a cabin? i don't mind sitting around on deck all night watching the sea. this is actually why i want to go by ferry and not fly. i dont want to be in a cabin.

Pete @ 18-04-2009 19:01

on the ferry Amsterdam-Newcastle you need a cabin when travelling overnight... and it is really expensive. 😢
myabe better to travel from Hoek van Holland (you reach it by free IC from Amsterdam via Rotterdam) to Harwich and then take a train to the North of the UK (also no supplements). then you can use a cheaper cabin (total: ticket + cabin = ~ EUR 60) at the ferry Hoek to Harwich: https://rail.cc/en/hoek-van-holland/ferry/c

Peter 🙂

yrsi @ 19-04-2009 13:38

thanks peter! this is a good alternative. although it will take a longer ride on the train to get to scotland 😢
lg, yrsi

Pete @ 19-04-2009 14:02

that's often the problem (but not only a rail problem): the shortest and fastest way is the most expensive one.
if you want to save money, you often have to travel not the direct way and have some more changes. but that's life. 🙂
all the best, Peter 🙂

yrsi @ 19-04-2009 14:17

yes thats true! and i think a long route on the ground is still better than flying, because you get a better feeling of where you are and how far you are really going. you see much more places out the window and every time you change trains... only walking or cycling is even better than train and ship. if only i had half a year off...

NightRaven @ 09-03-2010 17:42


there is still a ferry connection from Bergen to GB, I think it goes to Newcastle.


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