FERRY: ITALY - GREECE (Bari, Ancona, Igoumenitsa, Patras)

Peter.Freisberg @ 06-06-2008 10:27

FERRY: ITALY - GREECE (Bari, Ancona, Igoumenitsa, Patras)

There are two ferry companies which offer this free crossing from Italy to Greece and back.
The official information for this summer is:

Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-ferry/ancona-patras/10

👉 Attica Enterprises
Blue Star Ferries: http://www.bluestarferries.com
Superfast Ferries: https://rail.shop/superfast

If you have an InterRail Global Pass or an One Country InterRail Greece PLUS Pass you can use the following ferry for free (deck passage):

Patras / Igoumenitsa (Greece) to Ancona / Bari (Italy)

June and September: 10 EUR per person
July and August: 20 EUR per person + fuel surcharge (4 EUR) + port taxes

More information: http://www.bluestarferries.com

Example per person, one-way:
port dues, 7.00 EUR
fuel surcharge, 10 EUR
high Season supplement, 20 EUR
air seats, 18 EUR (you don't need them when sitting just on deck)

👉 Minoan Lines

Only with an InterRail Global Pass you get a free deck passage on the routes:

Patras - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
Patras – Corfu – Igoumenitsa - Venice

June and September: 16 EUR
July and August: 26 EUR (attention: you DON'T have to pay port taxes !!!)

Upgrades for cabins:
50% on the official prices (based on availability)

👉 Hellenic Mediterranean Lines (HML)

Route: Patras (Greece) to Brindisi (Italy)

You don't travel for free, but you get a discount on all categories (except the luxury cabin) of:
- 25% in high season (15 June to 15 September)
- 50% outside the high season

Information and booking
phone: +39 0831 528 531
email: resa@hml.it
phone: +39 06 4740141
email: mailto:hml.roma@tiscalinet.it

👉 If you are travelling with an InterRail pass XX days out of YY days, you need only ONE of your InterRail pass travel-days.
just choose if you want to fill in the departure day or the arrival day of the ferry - as the ferry runs overnight.

👉 Buy your ticket always at their official offices !!!

Update: September 2010

Martinina @ 27-08-2008 08:32

I want to use the fairy Patras/Corfu-Venice or Ancona.

How does it work? Can I just come and go on deck or do I have to reservate my passage before? Where?

Is the fairy still passing in the first days of October?

Thanks a lot for your replies!


Peter.Freisberg @ 27-08-2008 18:30

just go to the harbour to the ticket office and buy the ticket by telling that you travel with Interrail. and the ships are running the whole year... 🙂

CARLITOSLITOS @ 24-03-2009 08:50

hi my name is carlos i will buy the global pass 30 days and i want to know how can i go from the south of italy (brindisi or bari) to athenes, grece and how log will be the trip to go and back? (en moyene) , and if with this pass i can take trains betwen patras and athenes and in all grece?

Peter.Freisberg @ 24-03-2009 09:14

hi Carlos ...
you have to calculate it like this:
Departure of the ferry in Italy (the same for Greece on your way back) at the afternoon (1500h) for overnight travel (both from Brindisi and Bari). Arrival in the morning (1000h) in Patras. Take a free regional train to Athens (3:30h).
have a look of the ferries companies websites to find out the exact schedules.
in Greece you have to pay attention, not to use the IC, ICE trains as you have to pay supplements for them: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation/greece/gr - the supplement depends on the distance.
for more details about traveling Patras to Athens and back: https://rail.cc/en/interrail/athens-to-patras
have fun, Peter 🙂

whimz @ 01-04-2009 13:13


I'm thinking of using the patras - venice ferry route. just wondering how long it will take and how many days pass would it take up as i'm planning to buy the 10 days travel in 22 days global pass this summer. Do you think it'll be worth it? Any advice would be most appreciated! 🙂

Thank you!

Peter.Freisberg @ 01-04-2009 13:28

Hi ...
The timetables for Minoan Lines are here: www.minoan.gr/index.asp?a_id=1943
You need either the departure day or the arrival day (as it goes over night) as one of your travel days. But as you have to reach Patras by train ( https://rail.cc/en/interrail/athens-to-patras ) you normally need one of your travel days.
Peter 🙂

VolatileWorld @ 06-04-2009 17:01

Does Greece Plus Pass apply when using ferry not only Greece->Italy, but also Italy->Greece? Thank you

Peter.Freisberg @ 07-04-2009 06:04

yes... both directions !! 🙂

Iristja @ 25-04-2009 17:06

wich station in Bari do I have to go too? I am searching on the ferry website but cant find it.. 😢

Peter.Freisberg @ 25-04-2009 18:09

It is Bari Central Station. You have to walk either 45 minutes (3 km) to the ferry terminal or use the bus Nr.20.

Iristja @ 30-04-2009 21:28

Ok thank you, I have been taking the buss.. after asking to many people if they speak english they could tell me I had to take bus 20/! Then I wanted to buy an ticket, he said BBBBB, so I said, bus? yes yes yes,, he ment bar 😉 But the busdriver was really nice so I could travel without a ticket

It was a nice trip, it was not very busy so instead of the deckplaces if just been sleeping in the airplane seats 🙂

italia @ 20-06-2009 16:16

Hello 🙂

I'm Mihai and I would really appreciate your help on this matter as my example will be quite different than,
what I've read so far .... and I cannot find an answer 🙂 thought I will check more for it 🙂

I have some free tickets like InterRail stuff, they are called FIP cause my father works in the railway system in Romania,
I have 4 days free pass using the trains in these 2 countries: Italy and Greece, do you have any idea if I can use these ferries
from Bari-Patras ? on almost the same agreements as InterRail .....

Cause as far as I see it, we've been presented different passes .... for travelling in these 2 countries....and I guess it's
also related to it somehow 🙂

If I can't use them....can you tell me the cheapest option to get from Bari-> Patras and Patras-> Bari. I will take in considerance
Patras-venice if I'll afford it 🙂

Thanks in advance 🙂


italia @ 20-06-2009 16:22

and another thing ....just as a fact.... I forgot to mention that based on these FIP passes that I have 🙂 I've been crossing from
Calabria to Sicily , I took the train 4 years ago, train Roma-Palermo and our train was somehow introduced in the
ferry ....and the FIP passses were quite ok, but this can also be because .... we were still in the train....even if the
train was placed on the ferry to arrive in Sivily ....

Still I would appreciate if you can help me on the Bari-Patras issue :P


my 2 cents

Flo @ 20-06-2009 16:27

You will get a 50% discount on all types of ticekts - deck, cabin etc, in addition you have to pay port and fuel taxes.

On the ferry to Sicily you didnt have to pay because you were still on the train - the train runs through to Sicily without changing their number or anything.

And by the way, traveling with FIP - am I jealous! 😉

italia @ 21-06-2009 09:54

I suppose that (50% discount on all types of tickets - deck, cabin etc), I can't get it online.....
I guess I should go to the Bari Central Station and show them my FIP pass for Italy and Greece
and then they will 50 % out of the 53 euro (the deck price) and then I will add:

20 EUR per person + port dues 7.00 EUR + fuel surcharge, 10 EUR

and my total price will be around 63, 5 euro one way 🙂 Did I got it right ?

and by the way...have you actually seen some people get discounts on this route with FIP ? or
you heard some gossips or you just assume I should get a discound 🙂

Thanks 🙂

Flo @ 21-06-2009 10:06

Just search for it on their website:

As you can see, there's a link Book online, I didn't check it out but you may try your luck. 🙂

Your bill seems correct however fuel and port taxes are subject to change more or less frequently.

Leika @ 21-06-2009 14:23

Hi.. I'm trying to book for Bari -Patras on 15th August 2009 at the travel agent, but they told me that all (deck, aircraft seat cabin, etc.) are booked. So that mean we cannot just show up at the harbour and want to travel with the ferry isn't? Or they also have open contingen for people who show up without booking?

Thanks, Leika

Flo @ 21-06-2009 14:30

You should always get a deck passage if you're showing up at the terminal.

OlegK @ 22-06-2009 13:43


A question, if I have a One Country Pass for Italy, could I have a discount to go from Bari to Corfu?

Thank you, Oleg.

Peter.Freisberg @ 22-06-2009 16:21

Hi Oleg...
the answer is: no
sorry. Peter 🙂

OlegK @ 22-06-2009 19:24

it's a pity. Thank you, Peter

Moody2210 @ 29-06-2009 16:54


I am looking to visit Italy late July/early August, starting in Naples. We wanted to visit a few areas in Southern Italy, then catch a ferry to Greece. What would be the best way of doing this? Would i need a One country ticket or a InterCountry ticket? Are the ferries to Greece free? It all seems a bit confusing! 🙂

Many thanks

James Moody

Peter.Freisberg @ 29-06-2009 17:10

Hi James ...
if you want to use the ferry Italy-Greece you either need:
- an ONE Country Pass GREECE PLUS
- or a GLOBAL InterRail Pass

if you only travel Italy and Greece, the ONE Country Pass ITALY plus the ONE Country Pass GREECE PLUS would be a good solution for you.

the ferry is free. but: you have to pay a fuel supplements and port tax ... both supplements are added to all ferry tickets, it doesn't matter if you have regular tickets or the free InterRail ones.
it is like on the cheap airline companies... one extra here, an other there... an do on ... 😉
you simply can't avoid it.
but it is still cheap travelling with the ferry - and as well fun!
for details about the exact Supplements of the ferry connection have a look at the beginning of this topic.
Peter 🙂

Dani8787 @ 07-07-2009 19:15


I was wondering if someone could answer me two questions (the 1st one isn't necessarily related to this topic =/) :

1. I'll be catching an overnight train from Milano to Bari and i checked the timetable at Trenitalia website, but i can't find information about whether I need reservation for that train or not...I know i can ask at the station..but i'd like to know how to find out ..so i can use that knowledge in other railway companies' websites..

2. I checked on superfast ferries website and for example for the 7th of august there are no more places in the ferry from Bari to Patras. I won't travel on that day but I'm afraid if i don't buy my ticket in advance I might get there and there might be no places left. What i'd like to know is if you advise me to buy my ticket now or not. I'll buy the global railway pass, so i can get a free ticket (except for the supplements), can i get that free ticket online?
and by the way is that deck place..really in the deck? like open air deck? i can't find information about it as well.

Thanks in advance.

SiDUDe @ 07-07-2009 19:35

1) Yes, they are all compulsory reservation, the 2040 has seats whereas the 2100 and 2300 only have couchettes and sleepers, I think...

2) Ive never heard of anyone not getting on the ship for a deck ticket, even in high season.

Dani8787 @ 07-07-2009 20:20

thanks! by the way do you think it'll be enough to buy the reservations in the morning? i mean in milan and other cities as well..

andee @ 13-07-2009 16:46

We want to go from bari to patras and continue to athens immediately. same thing we do the other way a few weeks later. problem:
-we thought about taking a greeceplus interrail so we'd have the ferry included and do the whole thing from bari to athens for about 75,-
-but: now i'm finding out that the ferry, when you got a greeceplus, is about 37,- one-way just for taxes highseasonsupplement and whatever.
thats about all together 150,- for the whole thing.
i find it kinda strange, that taking the free ferry is only some 8 euro cheaper than without the greeceplus. (normally the ferry is 45,- oneway)
so, what i'm asking is: is the ferry really ~37,-? because the whole idea of including a free ferry from italy to greece seems a bit absurd then?

thanks, bye, good trip,
andi from vienna

Peter.Freisberg @ 13-07-2009 17:01

Hi Andi ...
I think it is important to keep in mind that InterRail is a RAIL ticket - not a ferry ticket.
So every EURO you save is welcome - and of course big companies which allow in winter, spring and autumn seasons free use of their ferries, doing their main business in summer with the tourist, have to earn somewhere and some when their money. 😶
And if you compare the freedom and flexibility of InterRail (even if you do not get a full free travel in high season) with prices of other travel opportunities, you still save a lot of money. Nothing is free in live. 😉
Have a great trip, Peter 🙂

andee @ 13-07-2009 17:39

when you just go to the website of superfastferries and do online-booking for a twoway bari-patras and enter youth (12-25yrs) you even get the ticket for only 72,- (36 one-way). Probably you need an ISIC for that but they don't explicitly say so. also there is no information about included or excluded port taxes etc.
and: good information: on their website they say, that because of decreasing oil price fuel charges are not longer taken. of course they also say that theres the possibility that this changes all the time. well i'm not really wiser than before🙂
does anyone have an idea of how much a train ticket from patras to athens is?

p.s. does both supplements are added to all ferry tickets, as you said above mean that if we buy tickets for the 72,- we#d still have to add the abou 80,- taxes etc. at the harbor?
because that would mean that if we go by greeceplus ticket we'd really have kinda free tickets, und es würde sich doch auszahlen (don't know that in english but i see youre from germany)
thanks again for the help and the faast responses

Peter.Freisberg @ 13-07-2009 17:53

... mmmh... I am not sure if port taxes and fuel surcharge (even it is not taken right now - I heard it as well) are added to normal tickets (not the InterRail discounted ones). therefore ask directly at the ferry company. mehr infos kann ich dir leider nicht geben. 😉 I am only specialist for the InterRail journeys.
Peter 🙂

andee @ 13-07-2009 17:56

okay, thanks a lot
i'll let you know what i find out 🙂

manosman @ 03-09-2009 22:26

Hello.Hope everyone is in good mood🙂.

So,I live in Greece and i'd like to travel for ~10 days in Italy from 10/09 to 19-20/09.

I'd like to go from Thessaloniki to Bologna,and as far as i 've read the best route if i'm right is..

So i want you people let me know...

1)The price for the round trip(including train,and ferry+taxes etc)
2)How am i gonna get the train ticket from Ancona to Bologna?
3)How am i gonna get/select the ship and the day-time travelling from port to port?
4)I read that there is no greek pass for greek citizens.Is it true?
5)Anything else i have to pay attention or something else?

Thanks a lot everyone.

Peter.Freisberg @ 04-09-2009 07:43

Hi ...

To your questions:

1) If you only want to travel in Italy for 10 days, you have the options:
A: the ONE COUNTRY PASS ITALY for 8 days within a month: https://rail.shop/interrail
B: the 5 days in 10 InterRail Global Pass
Taxes, prices for the ferries are mentioned above. With a Global Pass you will get the discount on the ferry.

2) If travelling by InterRail, you won't need a ticket - as InterRail is your ticket. Except if you use a train with supplements, this you have to buy at the station in Ancona.
But you can use free trains: https://rail.cc/en/search-train-route

3) Have a look at the links of the ferry companies mentioned above. There you will find the schedules.

4) Yes. You can not travel for free in your country of residence: https://rail.cc/en/how-to-interrail

5) Just read this, it might help you: https://rail.cc/en/first-interrail-tour/f3303

Have fun, Peter 🙂

manosman @ 05-09-2009 01:23

Thanks a lot Peter.Well a collegue of mine told me today about the fees.So i did found the cost for the travel with his help and your info Peter.
Here is how the story goes.I just let you people know in case anyone is interested.

So,all prices have the discount because of University pass.....
From Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa by bus-there is no train station-costs 54,40 euros,round trip.
Igoumenitsa-Ancona 52 euros round trip(this is only the fares!!!).
One country pass for Italy costs 70 euros.
Sum=176.40 euros

For me,its way to much compared with a travel which it was like this...
Thessaloniki-Greece to Belgium by plane=250euros.
Belgium train ticket costs 45 euros for 10 trips.
Beglium-Luxemburg=about 10 euros round trip
Belgium-Netherlands=20 round trip
And from Germany-Freiburg to Belgium-Gent 55 euros.

Thanks everyone for the help.
Trip to italy cancelled for now.

Keep travelling all and have fun🤣

Peter.Freisberg @ 05-09-2009 06:07

hej hej ... thank you for the info ... and have fun on your travels, Peter 🙂

netteokit @ 12-06-2010 16:06


We are a group of 4 people interrailing from greece. As we have a 10 in 22 days ticket we need to know whether the ferry journey patra-ancona (4 july, minoan lines, bough with an interrail discount) counts as one of the 10 travelling days. Also, does it count as the arriving or the departing day?we leave on the 4 of july at 17.30 and arrive the next day at 14.00 . We want to get on a train to bologna as soon as we get to ancona...

Flo @ 12-06-2010 16:39


With the ferries you can choose whether you want to use the departure or the arrival day. In your case I'd recommend the latter so you could continue to Bologna using the same travel day. 🙂

Flo 😎

netteokit @ 12-06-2010 17:07

thanks thats great news.

when we booked the tickets though, they wrote on our ticket 4 july patras-ancona.does that affect anything? should we change the date?

JaRaDa @ 03-08-2010 16:54

My interail-ticket is ending Oktober 21 - it's a 5-days within 10 days ticket. I want to catch the minoan-lines-ferry, which starts October 21, but the ferry arives, when my ticket is invalid allready (October 23). Will this work?

Peter.Freisberg @ 03-08-2010 17:02

Officially not, as you will then travel on a discount outside of the ticket validity.
But the ferry company usually won't have a problem with it. Maybe call or mail them before.
Peter 🙂

JaRaDa @ 03-08-2010 17:15

Okay, thanks!

maxir619 @ 25-08-2010 19:12

Is it possible to take a shower on the ferry with a deck seat ? Im coming from Istanbul and wont have a shower for 2 days and also no in the next couple of days, so it would be realllly good if they give access to a shower ;D

baobab @ 25-08-2010 22:36

Is it possible to take a shower on the ferry with a deck seat ? Im coming from Istanbul and wont have a shower for 2 days and also no in the next couple of days, so it would be realllly good if they give access to a shower ;D

No showers for passengers with deck ticket, but you can kindly ask someone with a cabin to let you shower before arrival 😎

JOHANNA @ 14-09-2010 17:23


we want to use the ferry from venice to igoumenitsa. later we are planning to take the night train from thessaloniki to istanbul.
we already found out, that there won't be any train from igoumenitsa to thessaloniki.

so how can we get from igoumenitsa to thessaloniki as soon as possible? is there any bus travelling this route? we arrive at igoumenitsa at 12.00 am on thursday. the nighttrains from thessaloniki always depart at 7.48 pm.

i hope, someone can help... 🙂 thank you so much!

Flo @ 14-09-2010 17:35


Maybe this will help a little (although it's the opposite direction): https://rail.cc/en/thessaloniki-igoumenitsa-bus-train/f2817

Do you absolutely need/want to go by ferry? You could also go by train Venice - Beograd - Thessaloniki (if you have a Global InterRail pass):

Venezia Santa Lucia 2120 - 1218 Beograd 👉 https://rail.cc/en/venice-belgrade-night-train/f3307
Beograd 2150 - 1254 Thessaloniki 👉 https://rail.cc/en/interrail/belgrade-to-thessaloniki

Or another possibility from Beograd directly to Istanbul:

Beograd 0750 - 0750 Istanbul Sirkeci 👉 https://rail.cc/en/belgrade-istanbul-night-train/f3567

Flo 😎

JOHANNA @ 17-09-2010 14:39

UPDATE travelling in greece:

there is at least one bus a day from igoumenitsa to thessaloniki:

departure 13:30
arrival 18:00 at central bus station
cost: 37,40 €

we used the ferry from venice to i. and were able to get the nighttrain from thessaloniki to istanbul the same day 🙂

Peter.Freisberg @ 17-09-2010 16:11

Perfect. Thank you for this update! 🙂

alexia_g1 @ 30-11-2010 11:13


I have a question about travelling on the ferry from Bari to Patras. I want to buy a Greece Plus Pass, and start using it on the overnight ferry.
If I have a 3 Day Pass, and use it for the first time on the ferry (departing 8pm), does that mean that when I have arrived in Patras the next day, I will have used up 2 days of my pass already? Or can I use the 7pm rule for overnight travel, even though it is my first day of travel, and only use up 1 day?

Also, I can;t seem to get the trainose.gr website to work (to find out schedules for Patras - Athens). Can you help me find schedules (because if I have to use up 2 days of my pass, then I don;t want to have to pay extra for a bus!).

Thanks heaps,


Jess90 @ 01-06-2011 18:38


I wanted to book the ferry from venice to patras in advance online with my interrail pass, can you tell me how to do this please. I can't seem to find an option for it on the website.

Thanks Jess

Peter.Freisberg @ 01-06-2011 18:41

Hi Jess.
My information is that you can book either by phone - or directly at their office in the harbour. If you want to sleep on deck, it is never a problem to get a ticket.
Peter 🙂

Jess90 @ 02-06-2011 09:17

Thanks 🙂

Also, I know this isn't the right forum subject for this, but how far in advance do you have to reserve seats on trains? It seems people are booking them early, but this seems to be taking all the spontaneity out of having an interrail pass!
This website also seem quite useful for booking seats RE but when i tried to reserve a seat on the train from Paris to Berlin it was about £100!! Help please!! 😢


Flo @ 02-06-2011 09:30

Hi Jess,

just a short and quick answer as we are a little OT here. 😉

Have a look here 👉 https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation

In general, for most trains reservations can be made at short notice. However there are some where it is advisable to get a reservation some time in advance (eg trains which run only once a day; or a connection which you absolutely need to take; some high speed trains, especially in France and Spain; some night trains).
For the Paris - Berlin night train, best way to get your reservation is this 👉 https://rail.cc/en/night-train/germany/de

If you have further questions, feel free to ask either in the topic I've linked above or open a new topic in the InterRail Pass or Connections and Special Trains section.

Flo 😎

Jess90 @ 02-06-2011 09:36


I guess i'm just a little worried it will all go wrong since its my first time interrailing!


Peter.Freisberg @ 02-06-2011 09:57

Just relax. To be honest: before my first Interrail trip I was confused as well - and a bit in panic if I can arrange everything. But after some days of travelling you get a feeling for everything: reservations (if needed), finding free connections, booking hostels, ... you will see, it is a lot of fun just being absolutely free and flexible. 🙂

engincesmeli @ 14-06-2011 11:59

hi everybody,
This year i'll use ferry on Venice-Patras route. I've got interrail global pass. How much i'll pay. And have i pay the port or another price thank you=)=)

Peter.Freisberg @ 12-07-2011 22:57

The ferries are running - only sometimes in strike. 😉
Details here: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-ferry/ancona-patras/10
Peter 🙂

soyoung @ 19-10-2011 11:09

I'm(stuck) in Patras. I was going to leave on Monday but.. anyway.
I'm going to take a ferry to Ancona on the 21st(can't go before then..).
I have Interrail Global Pass. I checked the price on the superfast website. I thought it's free for deck if I have pass, isn't it? I chose Interrail Global Pass 2nd Cl. and Deck. I read it
a. Choose one-way trips.
b. On the special offers, choose your type of pass (Eurail/InterRail Global, Select Pass, 1st or 2nd Class).
c. Choose your accommodation (deck, dormitories. Aircraft type seat, 2bed, 3bed cabin etc.) → attention: please
ignore the mentioned fares. Special fares apply for railway passengers.
The correct prices will appear automatically on the next step (when choosing continue).You may check the valid
fares on the pricelist table in question 5.
but they still show me 57.40euro.
Do I have to book at the port? or is it same price even if I book there?

Thanks in advance


Peter.Freisberg @ 19-10-2011 12:30

You have to read the information given at their website, just the sentences above the ones you mention in your post:

Due to the joint service of ANEK-SUPERFAST, the NEW reservations’ system is not yet ready to allow online reservations on the Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patras and v.v. route.
Online reservations are possible ONLY on the Bari-Igoumenitsa-Corfu-Patras and v.v. route
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

As you travel Patras - Ancona, you can NOT book online. Just go to their office at the harbour. And the ferry is running daily. No need to stay in Patras.

Peter 🙂

soyoung @ 20-10-2011 16:16

Thank you Peter 🙂
I called them and they just decided to strike(again) till Monday.
I'm at the Airport(Athens). I bought 30days interrail ticket but I paid 160euro for flight to Rome. funny..

Peter.Freisberg @ 20-10-2011 17:05

Greece isn't the best option to travel in 2011 like we told in the Greece forum . 😐
But good if you can leave and continue your trip. 🙂

feylezofi @ 28-06-2013 14:07

Hi guys,

I need an advice. I will travel from patras to Italy and I have booked a hostel in Rome. As soon as I land in Italy I will get on the train to Rome. Should I choose Bari or Ancona for this route, which one is better?

Thank you.

Flo @ 28-06-2013 14:17


Direct trains Bari - Roma:
0715 - 1120 (FA, 10€ reservation)
1317 - 1720 (FA, 10€ reservation)
1605 - 2220 (IC, 3€ reservation, recommended, not compulsory)
1817 - 2220 (FA, 10€ reservation)

Direct trains Ancona - Roma:
0630 - 0956 (IC, 3€ reservation, recommended, not compulsory)
0845 - 1235 (RV, no reservation)
1343 - 1750 (RV, no reservation)
1530 - 1854 (IC, 3€ reservation, recommended, not compulsory)
1821 - 2225 (RV, no reservation)
1936 - 2330 (RV, no reservation)

Flo 😎

feylezofi @ 28-06-2013 14:45

Thanks mate, it seems logical to choose Ancona due to train schedule. I asked it because Ancona ferry is 10 euro more expensive, and it takes longer to get there. And people say there are some sightseeing in Bari, and I thought maybe I can spend a few hours there.

I can still use some advice from the people who traveled these routes.

GuillaumeBP @ 25-03-2015 16:37

Hi, this summer I will travel in Europe (with friends) with the Interrail Global Pass and we will visit Athenai. After visiting Athenai we want to move to Corfu (stay few days in Corfu) and then move to Bari but I don't find ferry for Patras to Corfu, I just find ferry for Patras to Bari directly.
So my question is if we take the ferry for Patras to Corfu can we get off the ferry at corfu ? And can we take the ferry at Corfu for bari without paying anything because we had already paid for Patras to Bari ?

Thank you
(I am really sorry for my english but I hope u will understand me)

Flo @ 25-03-2015 18:22


I have no experience with the Greek ferries so the best thing to do would be to contact the ferry companies directly - during the summer (June to September) some of the ANEK/Superfast Ferries from Patras to Bari stop at Korfu.

Flo 😎

GuillaumeBP @ 28-03-2015 14:37

That's what I thought , but first I wanted the opinion of a person who had already taken the ferry from Patras to Corfu.
I will send them en email.

Thank you anyway Flow 😉

Flo @ 29-03-2015 13:32

OK, sorry again.
Would be nice though to hear from your experience so that we can help other travellers in the future. 😉

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