Pete @ 17-06-2008 06:24

FERRY: Ireland to UK or France

Irish Ferries

Discount: 30%

Holyhead - Dublin
~ 25 EUR

Pembroke - Rosslare
~ 25 EUR

Cherbourg - Rosslare
~ 50 EUR, overnight, plus seat: 15 EUR or 2 star cabin for 2 persons: 70 EUR, not daily

Roscoff - Rosslare
~ 50 EUR, overnight, plus seat: 15 EUR or 2 star cabin for 2 persons: 70 EUR, not daily

How to get the discount on Irish Ferries:
You have to book your trip online. After booking, send your booking-ID and the number of your InterRail pass to the email address:
The discount will be refunded on your credit card account.
It might happen that you will have to show your InterRail pass when checking in the ferry. Please send the email 5 days before departure to Irish ferries.

Stena Line

Discount: 30%

Dun Laoghaire (=10km in the south of Dublin) - Holyhead
~ 25 EUR

Rosslare - Fishguard
~ 25 EUR

Belfast - Stranraer
~ 25 EUR

Update: September 2010

Em Ay Ef @ 06-07-2010 10:13


i'm a newcomer with a question. i'd be really happy if you guys could help me out a tiny bit regarding ferries between Holyhead and Dublin.

i'm wondering whether the discount on ferries on this route is valid for all Interrail users or only for Global Pass users. i'll be traveling on Interrail country pass for the United Kingdom and it'd be great to make a quick detour to Dublin but neither Stena Line nor Irish Ferries cover the Interrail discounts on their website in enough detail.

if anyone happens to knows if the discount applies for single country pass users, and whether it only covers travel from Holyhead to Dublin or the round trip as well, or if anyone knows where to check that information, i'd greatly appreciate your help.

greetings from Poland!

Flo @ 06-07-2010 10:31


On IrishFerries Holyhead - Dublin you get the 30% with an InterRail pass valid - you need an InterRail pass valid at least in the arrival or departure country. So you'll be fine with your One Country Pass. 🙂

To apply for the reduction you have to book online (regular fare) and then contact IrishFerries per email - you will then get reimbursed the money on you bank account. Did work pretty fine last summer. 🙂

Flo 😎

Em Ay Ef @ 06-07-2010 10:35

Flo, thank you so much for confirmation, you just made my day a little brighter!


JMalmsten @ 07-07-2010 16:58

How do I go from Dun Laoghaire to central Dublin? Is there a rail connection there I can use IR or do I have to do it in an other way?

And is it possible to get the discount for the IR ticket on the Irish Ferries if I buy the tickets at the port in Holyhead? The post before made me confused?!

Nomadic @ 08-07-2010 00:22

Dun Laoghaire is well connected to central Dublin by both bus and train with the train station and bus terminus located quite near the ferryport (just a couple of minutes walk).

The train (DART) runs at approximately 15 minute intervals. I think the fare is €2.30

The bus is also very frequent with the most frequent service being the 46a. However this takes longer than the train to get to the city centre. The fare for the bus is €2.20

Being from Ireland I am not familiar with discounts, maybe someone else can help you with this part of the question.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Dublin

Flo @ 08-07-2010 05:17


- InterRail is valid on DART services
- You only get the discount for IrishFerries when booking online and then claiming your discount via email (at; provide your InterRail pass number) - I was told that.

Flo 😎

gancyboy @ 29-01-2011 19:37

hello fellows, i am considering to make an interrail this summer with my friends, and i've read this topic, but still some doughts came to mind. you say that in irish ferries you only get a discount if booked online, but what about stenaline? do you get the discount the moment you travel in the ferry port? or you have to book too?

Flo @ 29-01-2011 19:47


we went Belfast - Stranraer with Stenaline in 2009 and were told that you only get the discount when booking directly at the ferryport! 🙂

Flo 😎

gancyboy @ 29-01-2011 19:53

thanks ;D. thats useful since we are going to use that route too, let me see if i understood, you went there and book your travel in the same day at the departure ferry port in belfast, and you were given a discount right?

by the way, do you know if any operator takes foot passengers form liverpool to dublin?

Flo @ 29-01-2011 20:05

Umm, well, we did book online (as we did previously with Irishferries for Holyhead - Dublin) and thought we would get the discount the same way as you get in when using Irishferries. But alas, they told us at the counter (we asked out of couriosity if there were still places available) that you only get the discount there at the ferryport.

Liverpool - Dublin: According to my Thomas Cook european rail timetable, P&O carries passengers with vehicles only; Norfolk Line runs a service Birkenhead - Dublin but it doesnt say whether day take foot passengers or not... Maybe have a look at their website. 😧

gancyboy @ 29-01-2011 20:22

hmm ok then, so stenaline might be a good option if we don't want to make things by internet, and they only accept creditcard or also debit card, for example visa electron..
i am seeing timetables of trains from liverpool to holyhead and of ferries to ireland, they are a bit time disrupted, the only ferries you get are sailing 2:30 or 40, and 13:50. the 2:30 might be an option if we want to stay in liverpooll until 18 or 19h, and then we arrive at holyhead and still have to wait a few hours for it...
i've read some posts about the bad organization of uk rail lines, what's your experience, i mean, when travelling there did you have to pay lots of extra fees in the trains or generally the trains are free with IR (except the obvious undergrounds and night trains)

i am sorry if i am bothering you xD, but this requires a lot of planning i dont want any surprises along the way

Flo @ 29-01-2011 20:34

No problem. 😉

The UK is a great country for InterRailing - no extra supplements/reservations to be paid. Maybe only for the express service via HS1 to Ramsgate/Dover. Also for night trains (seated accomodation) only a free reservation is required. 🙂

Last summer there were 4 sailings to Dublin by Stenaline, all reasonably connected to Rail services. The station in Holyhead is litterally in the ferry terminal.

Have you yet planned on how to get to the UK?

gancyboy @ 29-01-2011 20:40

yes we arrive in london by plane, and then we start interrail one or two days after when leaving london. That line you talked about with dover, i hope it isn't the only one to connect or in the way from london to dover priory, because we are thinking of going north in scotland and then came back south to cross the channel to calais, have you used the route edinburgh or glasgow to south?

Flo @ 29-01-2011 20:58

There are still regular trains to Dover so no need to take the express trains - but again, I'm not sure if you even have to pay extra with InterRail for them. The fast trains leave at St Pancras, whereas the regular trains run from Victoria or Charing Cross.
Yeah, I've travelled several times south from Glasgow/Edinburgh. Usually with the Caledonian Sleeper overnight train:

Maybe you want to open a new topic regarding your trip (as described here: since we're getting more and more off topic here. Thanks. 😉

gancyboy @ 29-01-2011 21:19

may i ask how much did you pay in caledonian, i notice that scotrail isn't in the list of rail companies of UK with IR. the lowest fare i find to london is 16 pounds
okey thanks for the advice i am going to open a topic

Flo @ 29-01-2011 21:21

Scotrail is included. For a seat you only need a free reservation - that you can get at any staffed UK station.

gancyboy @ 23-02-2011 19:20

are the routes of the main topic the only ones that have a discount? you forgot to mention norfolkline that has a discount of 30 %, but i would like to know if also here only some routes have the discount

Sofiakarro @ 19-04-2011 10:37


We're three people who want to book the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead with Irishferries, using our Global Pass.
In order to get our discount we have to e-mail them with our InterRail Pass number.

Where is our InterRail pass number on the pass?

Is it the one highlighted with orange at the bottom (E followed by 7 digits, all different on each pass), or is it the one which starts with an IN followed by 8 digits?


Flo @ 19-04-2011 11:14


We went with Irishferries in summer 2009 and I sent them the number highlighted in orange (the scheme of this number depends on where you've purchased the pass). Got our money refunded without problems.

Flo 😎

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