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alisam @ 12-03-2009 14:39

I'm planning on traveling from England (Bristol, Bournemouth, Southampton, or possibly London, whichever would be available) to Turkey, Antalya this summer (without visiting other countries) to stay in Antaya for about 10 days and then return via train again. The problem is that I am a non-EU citizen or resident, I have a Ukrainian citizenship and hold a UK student visa. This makes it confusing to understand what type of ticket I would need and how to go about things such as purchasing the ticket (I would purchase it in the UK). If somebody could clarify this for me that would be great!

Hetman @ 12-03-2009 16:20

it's enough that you are european. you don't have to be from EU.

Pete @ 12-03-2009 16:43

hej hej ...

in the UK you can only buy your ticket online. not at a station. the best solution to buy an official InterRail ticket without any problems is via https://rail.shop/interrail - it will be send to you by secure mail!
as having an Ukrainian passport, you can buy an Ukrainian InterRail Pass. good for you as you then can travel for free in England (as Ukraine is your country of residence).
the best choice for you would be the InterRail Flexi Pass 10 days within 22 ... so oyu have 5 days to travel to Antalya and 5 days for returning back ... and 12 days to stay there. 🙂

to find the best route, it is good to use this website (train schedules for summer are available from beginning of April - but you can count on the connections which you can find for now, as they won't change a lot in summer): https://rail.cc/en/search-train-route

first step is to travel from the UK to Paris:
Eurostar: https://rail.cc/en/london-paris-eurostar-train/f1805
by ferry: https://rail.cc/en/ferry-london-paris-england-france/f1222

then there are different routes ... I think the one via Paris - Munich - Vienna - Budapest - Beograd or Bucharest - Sofia - Istanbul will be the fastest one.
on your way back you can travel from Istanbul via Thessaloniki ( https://rail.cc/en/istanbul-athens-train/f2369 ) to Athens - Patras ( https://rail.cc/en/interrail/athens-to-patras ) - take the ferry to Italy ( https://rail.cc/en/interrail/athens-to-patras ) - via Milan to Paris and back to the UK.

👉 the route Istanbul - Antalya:
in Istanbul you have to change the station from Istanbul Sirkeci (Europe) to Istanbul Haydarpaşa (Asia) very you can continue your travels in direction to Antalya.

the nearest train station is in Burdur (120km in the north of Antalya). as the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) don't operate direct passenger trains between Istanbul and Burdur, you can travel with the Pamukkale Express, which has sleeper seats (EUR 2), 4 bed cabins (EUR 😎 and 2 bed cabins (EUR 15).

get off the train in Dinar the final station and transfer to the connecting bus provided by TCDD (no extra payment other than your train ticket).

in Burdur catch a minibus for Antalya, which takes one and a half hour and costs EUR 5.
you can also take a direct bus running from Dinar to Antalya. it is cheap (EUR 10).

the night train departure in Istanbul and Dinar is always something arround 1700h in the evening. arriving at 0800h in the morning.

👉 there are a lot of night train connections on this route trough Europe available. just have a look the the country topics here at the forum . all supplements for the night trains are listed there in detail !!!

concerning your visa: I think you need a Schengen visa ... but I am not sure. the best is to contact an embassy.

I hope this will help you ... it will be a long travel, but a real experience, especially then in Turkey. I love the night trains there, as they are really cheap and comfortable.
have fun, Peter 🙂

emredoster @ 18-06-2009 13:30

Hi there,

I am a student in England and have been living here for more than 6 months with student visa. I would like to go to Istanbul / Turkey as a one way journey through Interrail in mid summer. However, I am wondering if you could provide me some information in connection with the travel documents such as Schengen visa whether I am required any visa or not throughout my journey whilst I hold a non EU passport which is Turkish.

Thank you very much in advance


Pete @ 18-06-2009 14:41

Hi Emre ...
If you get a Schengen visa, you can cross these countries by this one visa.
for other countries you have to contact the embassies of these countries in London for example.
Peter 🙂

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