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Night train from Northern Germany to Paris?

annamaehl: Hi,
Very soon I'm going to travel a lot between the southern part of Denmark (2 h from Hamburg) and Paris. I have been searching the internet to find night trains so I can spare travelling during the day time. As far as I know the night train...
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Last Post annamaehl
2019-04-14 10:15

New type of ticket in Denmark

KimKochRasmussen: For many years there has been a Spar-preis product called Orange for domestic train travel - you get a good discount if you can travel outside peak hours, buy well in advance, specify a train, and accept that your tickets can not be change/refund, much like a standard flight ticket....
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Last Post KimKochRasmussen
2019-03-09 13:20

Camino Frances

Albertsen: I vant to take the train from Holstebro in Denmark to the nearest railwaystation to Roncensvalles i North Spain. Has anyone a suggestion. Maybe also information for Night train.
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Last Post Albertsen
2018-09-22 19:51


RomanusMkerenga: TWO QUERRIES:
1. what is the train fare from Copenhagen to Vaxjo by both routes
2. How is the connection from Copenhagen Airport to the train station and any cost?
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Last Post RomanusMkerenga
2018-08-16 12:24


RhapsodyStar: Hello
My daughter lost a cellphone travelling from Hjorring to Aalborg using a train. She left her phone inside the train. The date of travelling was 29.07.2018 , time 06:03 to 06:43.

Are you are to assist and locate the phone, and how possible can it...
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Last Post RhapsodyStar
2018-08-13 12:24

Luggage Lockers

TennisShoe: Are their luggage lockers or storage at the railstation in Roskilde?
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Last Post TennisShoe
2018-07-19 20:20

Carry bicycle on the train?

jagets: Hi,

is it possible to bring the biycle on the train from Fredrikshavn to Skagen?

is there a special ticket for it?

Best regards
Replies 2
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Last Post jagets
2018-04-14 10:39

Replacement Bus

alko_g: Is there any chance to reserve a seat with Interrail ticket in replacement bus Copenhagen-Roedby? I've heard that there will be some construction works on this route from March til June.
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Last Post alko_g
2018-02-18 11:11

Opening hours of KOLDING (Denmark) train station

AnnAng: Hi, I intend to travel from Zurich on 27 Mar to Olso by rail, so that I can take the scenic train from Oslo to Bergen.

I will arrive at Kolding train station close to midnight. The train out to Copenhagen is at 5:06 am. I...
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Last Post AnnAng
2018-01-07 14:20

Train ticket from Malmö applicable for buses in Copenhagen?

veronikaw: Hi,
I would like to ask whether a train ticket purchased for the way Malmö-Copenhagen also works for public transport within Copenhagen (buses, trams, etc.).
Thank You!
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Last Post veronikaw
2018-01-04 21:24

Ferries from Copenhagen to Helsinki

moe0602: Hello!!

I woud like to take a night ferries, but I don't know how to book that with interrail pass on the internet.
Im going to take it with one of my friends who doesn't have pass....
Could l make a reservation with her??
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Last Post moe0602
2017-12-08 08:58

8 MINUTES to CHANGE TRAINS at Fredericia Station - Denmark

TuffTuff: ... can it be done? If your train is late coming to Fredericia Station does the connection train wait?
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Last Post TuffTuff
2017-12-03 06:23

Denmark to Germany

Gauten: Hi! Do I have to reserve seats on the EC trains from Nykoebing to Hamburg?
More specifically Nykoebing to Hamburg 22/7 17:14

Thank you!
Replies 1
Views 1635
Last Post Gauten
2017-07-16 23:29

Copenhagen Airport to Falkenberg

sheenamedrano: Hi! My family and I are traveling to Copenhagen in June and we would like to take the train from the Copenhagen international airport to Falkenberg where we have family. Are there any direct trains from the airport to Falkenberg?
Replies 6
Views 3404
Last Post sheenamedrano
2017-05-31 17:38

Help in booking of train tickets on 31st July from Copenhagen to Sønderborg

Navz333: How to book tickets for trains from Copenhagen to Sønderborg on 31st July after 7pm at the earliest?
Replies 2
Views 2744
Last Post Navz333
2017-05-10 14:23

Train from Copenhagen to Sønderborg on 31st July, after 20:00

Navz333: I want to find information about trains back to Sønderborg from Copenhagen. I was trying to find information on various websites but couldn't. I am looking for trains on 31st July 2017 after 20 - 21:00 ( 8-9pm ).
Replies 2
Views 2398
Last Post Navz333
2017-05-09 15:06

Help with trains between Hamburg and Copenhagen

jkg-ca: In traveling from Hamburg to Copenhagen 1) Do they still have the train the involves a train ferry between Puttgarten & Rødby,?

If not is a 4 min transfer time in Nykoebing F st realistic ? Would it be difficult to get off the train, onto another...
Replies 4
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Last Post jkg-ca
2017-04-20 23:30

Train ticketing system Denmark

Wouter: Hi!

I was researching the ticketing system in Denmark for my next trip. I have one cheap day where I will not be using Interrail but instead buy a ticket locally.
I already know about the zone system and found that I need 3 zones...
Replies 5
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Last Post Wouter
2016-01-29 09:13

Niebüll - Tønder

MarinaFbg: Trying to figure out the last parts of our trips. We are leaving Berlin and is heading for Legoland. Unfortunatly this is on the 14th of july meaning that trains do not run from Flensburg but are replaced by bus 😵 Since at least one in this family is seriously...
Replies 5
Views 2631
Last Post MarinaFbg
2014-04-18 14:24

Copenhagen - Fulda or Flensburg by night train

iietso: hello, i want to book a night train ticket from Copenhagen to any city of Germany (such as Flensburg which is near the borders). I would book a ticket Copenhagen - Fulda, but they are all reserved. Is there any other cheap option, like this? Thanks!
Replies 4
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Last Post iietso
2013-07-04 15:02

Copenhagen to Berlin by night train

kiskis: hi! i want to go from copenhagen to berlin and i would like to reserve a seat in a night train. i wanted to go to fulda and then to berlin but the train to fulda is there any other cheap route?
Replies 4
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Last Post kiskis
2013-07-04 13:40

Copenhagen - Stockholm: train platforms

cicada: Hello everyone,
Tomorrow (11Aug) I'll be taking a train from berlin to stockholm. It will be a long journey and I have two transfer points Hamburg and Cophenhagen. With Hamburg everything is fine I know the platform that train will depart and have enough time but for Copenhagen (koebenhavn...
Replies 3
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Last Post cicada
2012-08-10 06:09

Copenhagen metro with Interrail

somewhere_in_dk: HI,

Can I use my interrail ticket for metro in Copenhagen? As far as I can tell, it is serviced by different company (not DSB), but they use interchangable tickets with DSB S-tog trains. I found conflicting information if interrail tickets can be used for metro.
Replies 2
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Last Post somewhere_in_dk
2012-06-05 02:02

Traveling from Copenhagen to Rome

copenhagentorome: Hi, this is my first post and am still learning to navigate the site so sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum!

I am interested in traveling from Copenhagen to Rome via train/boat/etc. Not by plane.

Can anyone give me a realistic...
Replies 3
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Last Post copenhagentorome
2012-01-12 02:07


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to HAMBURG by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Hamburg (Germany).

Train connection from Copenhagen to Hamburg. Several direct connections every day. Special prices available.
Replies 0
Views 28741
Last Post Pete
2011-11-07 10:56


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to ZURICH by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Zurich (Switzerland).

Train connection from Copenhagen to Zurich. The direct CNL overnight train was withdrawn.
Replies 0
Views 18239
Last Post Pete
2011-10-01 14:13


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to BASEL by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Basel (Switzerland).

Train connection from Copenhagen to Basel. The direct CNL overnight train was withdrawn.
Replies 0
Views 9837
Last Post Pete
2011-09-01 18:13


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to LONDON by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to London (United Kingdom).

Train connection from Copenhagen to London.

More information...
Replies 0
Views 10785
Last Post Pete
2011-09-01 17:56


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to PRAGUE by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Prague (Czech Republic).

Train connection from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Prague (Czech Republic). The direct CNL overnight...
Replies 0
Views 12894
Last Post Pete
2011-09-01 17:43


Pete: From COPENHAGEN to AMSTERDAM by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Train connection from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. The direct CNL overnight train was withdrawn.
Replies 0
Views 9504
Last Post Pete
2011-09-01 16:47

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