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alma bubble @ 22-01-2009 20:39

I am planning to do an Interrail trip this summer. I live in the Faroe Islands and I therefore wonder, if I, when I buy a Global Pass for 30 days still have to pay for the train ride from Denmark to Germany or Sweden? When the Faroe Islands is my country of residence do I travel by rail in Denmark for free? In addition to the Global Pass I have to pay for the airline ticket from the Faroe Islands to Denmark whic is from 200-250 euro and there is no reduction or discount possible...
I hope you can answer my question!


Alma ❓

Pete @ 22-01-2009 21:20

hej ... 🙂
last year I got the same case ... and the person from Faroer Islands told me that he could buy an InterRail pass of the Faroer Islands and travel for free in Denmark.
maybe ask the Danish railway company before:
but I am sure you travel for free in Denmark... by the way... do you have a Danish passport or do the Faroer Islands have their own passport... I am only interested in it... sorry that I don't know it ... 😉
all the best, Peter 🙂

alma bubble @ 22-01-2009 22:11

Thank you for answerring so soon. :P
I am glad to hear that I can travel for free in DK. It makes good sense if you buy the Global Pass of the Faroe Islands since Denmark is not my land of residence. There are very often rules in Denmark that dont apply to the Faroes or Greenland so therefore I have to be sure before I go further with my plans.
Being Faroese you can choose if you want a Faroeese or a Danish Eu passport.
I have a danish EU passport simply because it´s easier that way. 10 years ago I travelled to Tunisia and I was the only one with a Faroese passport and I was held back at the security gates at the airport. The security people had guns and they did not know how to react on my green Faroese passport and did not really understand the circumstances regarding the Danish kingdom and its autonomous provinces, but luckily they let me go after a couple of horrible and humiliating minutes. I will never go back to the green Faroese passport after that experience 😉

Thank you for your answer and a very good service!

All the best,


Pete @ 23-01-2009 08:46

hej Alma ...
interesting to hear this !! 🙂
but now you have an other problem ... if the train staff in Europe (and I am sure a big part do not know about Denmark and the Faroer Islands) see your Danish passport with an Faroer Island ticket, they get confused...! and maybe make troubles... so please check before with the DSB... I think the phone number is: 70 13 14 15 or ... only to be sure !!
and maybe you can write the answer here... 🙂
have a sunny day, Peter 🙂

alma bubble @ 23-01-2009 10:48

Thank you for your answer.
Gosh I am glad that you brought that up, I did not think so far! But I see your point and I will look for further information at DSB and post the info on this site,
Have a nice day - here in the Faroes it is stormy and gray...

Alma 😉

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