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Zagreb - Belgrad - Sofia train ticket fares

Ellica: Hey!

Does anyone know what the trainticket vist betweeen Zagreb to Belgrad & Belgrad to Sofia?

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Last Post Ellica
2019-07-22 19:37

Zagreb to Ljubljana: purchasing train tickets

Harwoodj: We plan to travel from Zagreb to Ljubljana by train in July.
1) Can I purchase an e-ticket online? The website seemed to only offer physical posted tickets
2) Can we purchase a ticket on the day of travel, and if so, is this cheaper and is there...
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Last Post Harwoodj
2019-06-20 09:31

Zagreb to Lake Bled: have we payed double

PamAllen: Today in Split we asked to buy 2 train tickets from Zagreb to Lake Bled for May 24. We were charged 221.10 Kuna for each ticket. The ticket appears to be able to be used 24-27 May. Have we paid extra for a flexible ticket? We have accommodation booked in...
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Last Post PamAllen
2019-05-21 14:51

From Split to Zagreb by train

TonPentre: 4 passengers, travelling Split to Zagreb on the sleeper train departing 21.54, arriving 05.49. Can I book a sleeping compartment in advance so that all travellers are together? What is the cost please?
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Last Post TonPentre
2019-05-20 13:34

Train from Split to Boedapest

Tim32peters: Good day,

I have some questions..
We make our holiday in Croatie, and around 10/11 august, we want to take the train from Split to Boedapest ( some days Sziget )
We need a night train, with sleeping cabine. What is the best thing we...
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Last Post Tim32peters
2019-05-17 11:24

From Zagreb to Ljubljana

Lomakuu: Hi, how get from Zagreb to Ljubljana now in the wintertime. What are the timetables? Do we need reserve the tickets before? The travellingtime is tuesday 24.11.2018 evening.
Replies 2
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Last Post Lomakuu
2018-11-14 20:12

Croatia Reservations NOT ticket purchase

ella_brb: Hi,

I am using the Croatian train website to purchase a reservation for an overnight train from Zagreb to Split. On the site, it won't seem to allow me to purchase a couchette reservation ONLY. It gives the price breakdown of ticket cost/reservation cost. But does not...
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Last Post ella_brb
2018-06-25 09:34

Split to Budapest night train Saturday 3 June 2018

TraceyAus: Hi, can anyone let me know if there is a direct night train running from split to Budapest (without having to get off at Zagreb) prior to the summer season timetable? We will be travelling on Saturday June 3.

It seems that tickets can’t be purchased...
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Last Post TraceyAus
2018-03-23 22:15


EkaitzMath: Hi:
My name is Ekaitz and I am from Spain. I would like to have more information about how much cost the trains in Croatia.
I want to take the train from Split to Zadar, and the train from Zadar to Pula.

I already have...
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Last Post EkaitzMath
2018-03-12 18:23

Zagreb to Split couchette

ninad7: I was trying to book couchette for 5 people from croatia rail website for Zagreb to split train on 29.4.18
However it doesn't display couchette seats . Only normal wagon seats in compartment 1 displayed.
How can I book couchette tickets?
if i put tomorrows date as...
Replies 6
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Last Post ninad7
2018-03-01 09:30

Zagreb to Split Night Train

chazajames: So I've got the website to buy a ticket for the night train ( ) but I wanted to book a couchette- none of the dates at all will let me do that; does anyone know how to book a bed?
Replies 2
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Last Post chazajames
2018-02-15 10:31

Best beach/island to visit in croatia on trip?

Stalze: Hello everybody!
I'm planning to go on an interrail trip around europe this may, and I was wondering what beach/island in Croatia would be the best place to visit.

My first stop in Croatia will be Zagreb, and after Croatia I will go to Ljubljana in...
Replies 2
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Last Post Stalze
2018-02-14 20:35

Zagreb to Lviv

Garmentmanagement: We are planning a trip to take the train from Zagreb to Lviv in early July. Do you know what quickest route would be? Is there a way to do the trip in one day on trains?
Replies 3
Views 932
Last Post Garmentmanagement
2018-02-10 00:33

Perkovic to Budapest

InesZamora: Thank you very much! I appreciate you answered this question, we were having so many doubts about it!

There's another thing that we don't really know how to do. If we can use our Interrail Pass to travel from Perkovic to Budapest (to use our 7 pm...
Replies 1
Views 906
Last Post InesZamora
2018-02-03 11:11

Zagreb to Split night train

ABondN: Cannot find the night train from Zagreb to Split anymore. Not even wit the off season M,W,F runs. It does not list the Zagreb - Split night train on the site either, only Zagreb-Munich and Zagreb-Zurich runs. I could look this train up back in October and now it...
Replies 2
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Last Post ABondN
2017-12-28 19:56

Perkovic to Budapest

InesZamora: When travelling from Split to Budapest I have to use 2 days of my Interrail pass because the trip starts at 6: 30. Can I, instead of starting my overnight trip in Split, start it in Perkovic (which is one of the train stations where the train stops) and start...
Replies 3
Views 952
Last Post InesZamora
2017-12-23 21:06

Slovenia to Pula

TomAlcorn: I'm considering travelling to Pula from Budapest, and an option that was recommended to me was to use the night train from Budapest to Koper, and to get off at either Rivaca or Hrpelje-Kozina and to get a direct train from there to Pula. However, I cannot find a direct...
Replies 4
Views 1436
Last Post TomAlcorn
2017-11-22 22:39

Budapest to Croatia

GentleHermione: Hello!

My son (1😎 and a group of friends will be interrailing next summer for 2-3 weeks. They plan to travel Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague-Budapest. After Budapest they would like to go to Croatia to stay for a few days before going home. To get home, they need to fly...
Replies 4
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Last Post GentleHermione
2017-11-21 20:33

Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes/early November

vluvski: We would like to make an overnight trip to Plitvice Lakes. It appears that there is no train service here, but instead bus. Are these busses covered by the interrail pass?

Also, is November still a good experience, or will it be a wasted attempt with winter...
Replies 2
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Last Post vluvski
2017-10-03 05:33

Split to Dubrovnik

LucyShepard: Hello. I understand that there aren't any trains from Split to Dubrovnik. Can I use my interrail global pass for other transport? Where are the timetables for such transport? Many thanks.
Replies 2
Views 1784
Last Post LucyShepard
2017-08-21 13:40

Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Chippy: Hello, I have a couple of easy questions. I will be visiting Croatia in mid-September 2017 for 2 weeks.

Q1. Is it possible to take a train from Zagreb to Dubrovnik?
Q2. If so are there any published blogs on what to expect?

Replies 2
Views 1934
Last Post Chippy
2017-07-26 00:04

Rijeka to Budapes Online Train Ticket

brufus1104: Can I buy an online train ticket for an one way trip from Rijeka (Croatia) to Budapest (Hungary) ?
Replies 2
Views 2363
Last Post brufus1104
2017-07-23 21:14

Zagreb to Budapest

NicolleB: I would like to catch a train from Zagreb to Budapest- can i purchase a ticket, with a reservation online? As this is one off i do not want to purchase an interrail pass.

If i have to purchase in person at a station, can i do...
Replies 2
Views 1999
Last Post NicolleB
2017-07-14 01:15


Csonti05: Hello everyone,
I would like to know if I can travel from Kanfanar to Koper with my bicycle on 2017.aug.07.
I hope someone can help me, I writed so many emails, but noone answers me 😢
Replies 4
Views 1852
Last Post Csonti05
2017-07-04 17:14

Bed sheets in trains Zagreb-Split

Noramargarita: Hi there!

We were wondering if it's necessary to bring a sleeping bag for that night train? Do they provide bed sheets? If they do, are they clean?

Thank you
Replies 2
Views 2008
Last Post Noramargarita
2017-06-26 20:31

Zadar to Zagreb

KimPotts: Can I use my Interrail ticket to get a train from Zadar to Zagreb ? Also how long does this train journey take and does it require transfers and reservations ?
Replies 3
Views 2203
Last Post KimPotts
2017-06-04 14:33

Night train from Split to Budapest

Eveliina: How can we book overnight train tickets online from Split to Budapest? We are going spend a week in Split on July 2017 and head to Budapest after that week. It would be great if we could book our tickets in advance. We would like to make sure we get...
Replies 2
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Last Post Eveliina
2017-05-30 16:57

Overnight train from Split to Budapest

NicolleB: Hello,

I read that the overnight trains from Split to Budapest run Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays but cannot be bought online, is this correct?

If they need to be bought at the station can they be purchased in advanced or does it need to...
Replies 10
Views 5527
Last Post NicolleB
2017-05-09 04:36

Zagreb to Split night train

TucsonDurham: I am looking at the night train from Zagreb to Split in September. I only see regular and couchettes offered. Does this trip have sleepers available.
Thank you.
Replies 3
Views 2061
Last Post TucsonDurham
2017-05-06 14:45

Impossible to book our train tickets (via EuroNight Lisinski) from München to Zagreb

PionniersOrpleGrand: Hello,

This summer, our group (15 people) is going to take the EuroNight Lisinski from München to Zagreb on the 11 July 2017 (23h35 --> 8h36). But I can't make the booking of seats on this train on the ACP rail website, as you advise on...
Replies 5
Views 2353
Last Post PionniersOrpleGrand
2017-04-24 20:15

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