Compulsory reservation - please reserve

hazz-brain @ 28-05-2007 16:09

I was on the International Journey Planner

and came across different terminology.

The first, for example on the SC 74 train from Breclav to Prague, says Compulsory Reservation in bold.

The second, for example on the D825 night train from Zagreb to Split, or the 701 train from Rijeka to Zagreb, say Please reserve in non-bold writing.

I am just a little confused about exactly what these mean. Do they:
a) Simply mean that tickets cannot be bought on the train but should be purchased at the station?
b) Mean that tickets should be bought further in advance than on the day at the station?
c) Mean that supplements apply to all that mention 'reserve' (which appears to be 90% of trains anyway) or just ones in bold complusory reservation or to neither?

Are these questions answerable, or is it going to have to be a case of see what the score is when you're out there? It's just frustrating that nowhere seems to clearly indicate a comprehensive list of which trains charge, as this would allow much better journey planning in my opinion.


Pete @ 30-05-2007 15:07


Compulsory Reservation means: you have to buy a supplement - which is at the same time a seat reservation. But you need to buy it at the station before entering the train.

Please reserve means: the train is heavily used. So it is nice to make a reservation to get a seat. But it is often like that: if you travel during the week, you get a seat. if you travel on friday or sunday (weekends) night, the train is full of people.

so just aks for the price of the please reserve at the station. if it is only 1 EURO, you can buy it, otherwise, don't do it (but it should not be more than 3 EURO).

have fun,

hazz-brain @ 30-05-2007 18:02

Thanks for the help Peter

Pete @ 30-05-2007 19:29


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