Can I use Global Interrail pass?

Ruby @ 27-05-2008 14:23

I'm an international student studying both in Germany and Spain. I read that interrail pass is not available for the country of residence. Well, in my case, I stayed in Spain for 5 month with a Spainish residence permit (didn't show on my passport), then stayed in Germany for 3 month until now with a German residency permit (printed on my passport).

So is it possible for me to travel both in Germany and Spain with a global interrail pass???

Pete @ 27-05-2008 14:39

hi Ruby ...
you need an official document which shows that you live 6 months or more in Europe. and as the visa in your passport for Germany only shows three months, it is a problem... you need some more documents... 😶
normally you are not allowed to buy an InterRail pass, even staying more than 6 month in Europe - but you don't have a real country of residence ... only three months of Germany.....
maybe the Eurail - Pass which is nearly the same like Interrail is a solution for you !?
just search on google for the topic Eurail ... the pass is for NON-Europeans... so you can buy it ...!

Ruby @ 27-05-2008 15:42

Hi, Peter,
Thanks very much for your quick reply!
Well, I think in my spainish visa, there is a print shows the date when I firstly enter European, which was 23-09-07. Is it possible to show my availability to purchase the interrail pass?

Beside, did you mean that since I am not an EU citizen, so the requirement of no use of the interrail pass in residence country will not apply to me? Hence I can use the interrail pass to travel in Germany and Spain although I am now living in Germany??

Pete @ 27-05-2008 16:05

mmmh... that sounds much better that there is a date on the visa !! 🙂
now you can buy an InterRail pass...
now it depends ... what does the staff will understand where you live now when your ticket will be checked. the important thing is that you can proof you live in Spain or in Germany and when your passport says you live actually in Germany, you can buy a German ticket... if the visa only shows that you entered Spain, it is better to buy a Spanish InterRail Pass...
so you see your situation is very complicate.

but you need a country of residence. either Germany or Spain... it is not possible to have none as you are non-european ... 😉 bad luck ...

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